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Spornosexuals: the new “muscle gentlemen”

by WikiStero.com

Historically, men and women have looked for ways to be desired. They therefore use different means to get noticed: they take care of their silhouette. They work on their approach, their way of communicating with others, as well as their dress look. Here are some ways to show off and grab attention.

Today, all these methods are practically a thing of the past. Thanks to the interest given to bodybuilding and the place occupied by social networks in our lives, a new phenomenon has emerged among men; it is the advent of spornosexuals! What is a spornosexual? What is the extent of this phenomenon in our societies? Let’s find out together …


What is the spornosexual?

In the past, several male styles have followed one another. In the 90s, the trend was rather sartorial . Men took care of their bodies, shaved clean and, above all, stayed in fashion, just like women. In those years, the favorite place to meet beautiful people was the metro . Oh yes surprising isn’t it? And yet, we had seen the appearance of metrosexuals, those metro dredgers. From the year 2000, the trend changes. The manly side of the man stands out and is put forward. The dress look has changed a bit, giving way to a “bad boy” style and to appear more masculine, men no longer shave. The 2000s also mark the arrival of übersexuals .

But today, with the increasingly important place of social networks in our lives, a new style is emerging: that of spornosexual .

This term comes from the words: pornographic and sexual sportsman and refers to all these men who place bodybuilding at the center of their physical activities to be able to show off their dream bodies on social networks . The typical spornosexual is this well defined guy (arms, pecs, abs in concrete and well drawn) with a few tattoos as a seasoning, which amazes you. Here the dress look is no longer important. The goal here is to keep her body as naked as possible. There is therefore no need to invest in clothing.

The term spornosexual was imagined by reporter Mark Simpson of the Daily Telegraph; the very one who created the term metrosexual in another era. According to the journalist, the body has become the ultimate object that sporonsexuals shape in the gym in order to make it a fashionable product that we share on social networks and everywhere internally t.



Spornosexuals in society:

On social networks, Facebook, snapchat, instangram and many others, spornosexuals are rocking. Comparisons here and there, they amaze Internet users with their selfies. The number of spornosexuals is increasing day by day, given the success of the thing . This new style is also very popular with the ladies. . It is no longer a secret that the majority of them prefer virile, strong and muscular men. This is one of the reasons that motivate young people to adopt this new fashion. We can ask ourselves the question of how the sporonsexual came into being? What are the origins of this movement?

Faced with this astonishing success of this phenomenon, a scientific team from the British University of East Anglia looked into the question. Researchers have tried to understand the factors that are at the basis of the birth of such a movement. After their research, the results of which were published in the journal Gander Studies, the researchers discovered that the economic crisis was the first factor characterizing the birth of spornosexuals .

During the economic crisis, the financial situation and the lack of work have pushed young people to take care differently . This is how some of them found refuge in the gyms. They thus found a way to make themselves useful in society with what they had that money cannot buy: their bodies.

Walking in the street with a dream body is already a hit. But putting it on social networks is the total! Internet is the ultimate channel for spornosexuals to be seen, attract the most people and make the buz as they say.



The bodybuilding has become embedded in our lives to the point of becoming a fashion. The number of spornosexuals, these men with an exacerbated masculinity, continues to increase. Their effects on social networks are devastating. The number of “likes”, hashtags and shares are only increasing. This movement is set to tear everything apart! Your shirts and any other branded clothing are no longer useless. The metrosexual and the ubersexual are outdated and no longer have any value in the face of the spornosexual. The gyms, the right workout program, and the right food supplements are your only solutions to keeping up with the pace and keeping up with these ladies. So what are you waiting for?

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