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Anavar for Women

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While this steroid can be used by men, Anavar is much more effective for women, so much so that Oxandrolone is often nicknamed the “official girl’s steroid”. In the world of anabolic steroids, Anavar is for women what testosterone is for men: almost perfect. It’s often said that anabolic steroids can be more complicated for female users and can cause many undesirable side effects. The most common is virilization, which can diminish a woman’s femininity. But this is not the case with Anavar. Not only is this steroid very mild, but its side effects are minor and will not cause virilization in a woman who uses it responsibly.

After a woman’s bulking cycle, the goal is simple: gain more lean muscle. Due to the steroid’s mild nature, most men will find it unhelpful in this stage, especially since other androgenic anabolic steroids are much more effective. Gains may be observed of course, but only in small quantities or if you take high doses, which is very expensive.

However for a woman using Anavar, it’s another story. Oxandrolone is naturally more effective in women and many are more sensitive to it, so they get a higher yield in terms of muscle growth.



Anavar for Women in a Dieting Phase

While Anavar can be fantastic for women in bulking phases, its incredible effects really shine during a diet or fat loss phase. Of all doping products, Oxandrolone is the best for transforming any woman into a Miss Fitness who garners medals and envious looks from other girls.

Anavar makes it easy to lose body fat, which is normally more difficult for women than men. When body fat disappears, some lean muscle is lost as well. This is also where Oxandrolone shines: it conserves a lot of lean muscle even when caloric intake is limited and directly increases overall metabolic efficiency. The body clearly burns fat at a higher rate during an Anavar treatment. This steroid also enhances your physique with more defined muscles and sleek contours than usual.

While it’s not an effect sought after by high-level female athletes, in general Anavar enables women to attain results that they could never imagine otherwise.


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Anavar’s Side Effects for Women

All androgenic anabolic steroids can cause side effects, and each of these symptoms has a specific degree of probability. Just because a steroid has possible side effects does not mean that they will actually arise. Anavar is so popular among women because it is one of the rare anabolic steroids that can be used effectively without any unpleasant side effects.

Virilization is the most common side effect from anabolic steroid usage. Virilization can cause a lower voice, body hair growth, and even an enlarged clitoris. These effects can be devastating in a woman because they attack her biological nature. But once again, if Anavar is used correctly women have no need to worry about undesirable side effects. If the doses and timelines are followed responsibly, women should only experience positive results. And if any undesirable side effects appear, all hope is not lost. If you take Oxandrolone and start to show signs of virilization, then simply stop using it and the symptoms will disappear. It’s when you ignore symptoms and continue using that it can become a problem. Is Anavar the perfect steroid for women? Maybe not, but it comes close!


Anavar Cycle Doses and Duration for Women

Generally speaking, 10mg-20mg of Anavar per day is ideal for female athletes. The likelihood of virilization increases once this level is exceeded. Therefore it is strongly advised for most women to start with 10mg per day, and for many this dose remains ideal throughout the treatment. If you need more Anavar to attain the desired results, ensure that you can support a lower dose before taking more. And if you increase dosages, be careful and pay particular attention to your body so that no virilization symptoms appear.

In most cases, 6 weeks of use is ideal. It’s possible to go up to 8 weeks, but any more is not advised. If you need more time for the treatment, it’s recommended to pause for 4-6 weeks before starting another cycle.


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