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Melanotan 2 is a peptide known to help develop a tan. MT-I or MT-2 acts by stimulating the alpha melanocyte receptors. The reaction is to form enough melanin which is a natural dye in the human body to facilitate tanning upon exposure to the sun and even without the sun, which is beneficial to avoid harmful exposure to UV rays, depending on the purpose of coloring sought. It is estimated that it takes about two weeks to a month of TM treatment before the desired effect is achieved. Melanotan can also be taken cyclically in order to improve or maintain a tan.

The Melanotan 2 is three times stronger than the Melanotan 1. They were created by researchers to offer people who want to have a sun-kissed complexion the possibility of having an evenly tanned skin without the risk of causing skin cancer through sun exposure.

One of the properties of Melanotan is that its effects remain visible over the long term. In some cases, it has been shown that the effects of a cycle can take more than a year to wear off. It should also be noted that on some people, maintenance cycles can maintain the effects permanently.

Some side effects such as nausea, dizziness and headaches as well as redness particularly visible on the face after an injection have been revealed. An effective decrease in appetite has been reported. This can be negative or positive depending on the diet required. Most of the time, the negative effects stop after taking Melanotan. Freckles can appear while remaining not too visible thanks to the tanning and the moles become darker. All this disappears after the Melanotan is taken.

The effects of MELANOTAN

The positive effects of MELANOTAN

  • A tanned skin without sun exposure
  • Reduction of skin cancers
  • Significant decrease in appetite
  • Increased libido

The negative effects of MELANOTAN

  • Nausea, dizziness and headaches
  • Redness
  • Weakening of the body
  • Hyperpigmentation



Determination and use of Melanotan 2 peptide

It is necessary to give only one injection per day. But for the real beginners, it will be necessary to them however to mitigate the side effects to take at the very beginning only half a dose twice a day. One in the morning and one in the evening. This will help them assess their tolerance to TM before they recognize the necessary amounts to take themselves. Melanotan is a powder to be reconstituted in a bottle which must be placed in a refrigerator. Once the necessary dose of water has been added to the bottle, the consumption of Melanotan should not exceed 30 days. The dose of Melanotan should never exceed 2 mg per day. It is recommended to take only 1 mg per day knowing that half of it can already give good effects.

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