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Dianabol Cycle and Treatment

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Ask any experienced athlete and most will tell you that a good Dianabol cycle is hard to beat. It’s one of the first anabolic steroids ever created and one of the rare steroids created with the objective of enhancing performance. A Dianabol treatment will prove to be an excellent way to gain a lot of mass in a short time!

For over half a century, many athletes of all types and horizons have included Dianabol cycles in their routine. Without a doubt, a large part of its popularity is due to bodybuilding and weightlifting.

Dianabol was created for athletes in need of brute strength for the Olympic Games, and it stayed very popular throughout the golden age of bodybuilding. It’s one of the best anabolic steroids for bulking and strength gains. Metandienone is not only effective, but fast-acting.

How powerful is this oral steroid? You might know Anadrol as a very popular steroid in many circles. It is often considered the first oral steroid for mass and strength gains.

While Anadrol is a quality steroid, here we are going to see how to plan a Dianabol cycle and use it to its maximum potential.



Off-Season Dianabol Cycle

Without a doubt, people take Metandienone during an off phase, which simply means that they are trying to gain mass and become strong.

First of all, yes, this steroid can be used alone, and no, it should not simply be taken alone, but in a cycle with other products. Dbol will stop your natural testosterone production and so it is advised to take an exogenous testosterone supplement.

There are usually two options for taking Dianabol in the off-season, and sometimes in experienced circles a combination of two methods is used.


“Kickstarter” Dianabol Cycle

This is the most common usage of Dianabol. It’s an efficient start to a cycle of mass and strength gains. Gains come very quickly with Dbol; on average it is taken for 6 weeks, usually a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks.

Once the cycle ends, continue taking the other steroids to conserve gains and progress even more.


An example of an 8 week Dianabol pack


“Booster” Dianabol Cycle

This cycle is useful when an athlete stagnates after taking other anabolic steroids and is no longer achieving gains, which can be frustrating. This can happen at any moment during a cycle, but it usually occurs after about 8 to 10 weeks when the body begins to adjust and a change is needed.

This is when a Dianabol cycle can be really useful and effective, though it’s still beneficial at the beginning of a cycle. When the new hormone is injected, its powerful, fast action lets you continue to progress even after a difficult period of stagnation.

A typical Dianabol cycle like this will rarely extend past 6 weeks, and the average duration is 4 weeks.

Some users will use this steroid as a kickstart and a stagnation booster at the same time, but this is not usually recommended.

Sometimes it works, but a Dianabol cycle may be very toxic to the liver in the medium and long-term, and it is recommended to use it over short periods to keep your liver healthy.

Dianabol Treatment for Cutting

There’s a rumor that Dianabol causes you to gain fat, which is false. Metandienone will simply aromatize and cause water retention and over-swelling, which has nothing to do with fat levels.

This side effect varies by individual, and in any case a good aromatase inhibitor will solve the problem. In short, if you eat well and in the proper amounts, water retention will not be an issue and you will not gain body fat; you can even take a supplement to stop this effect.



So, can Dianabol be used for cutting?

Dianabol’s primary goal is without a doubt to increase muscle size and strength, but like many steroids, it can also serve other purposes. When someone follows a weight loss diet, a good Dianabol treatment can help you keep strength that would normally be partially lost due to the calorie deficit (diet).

Like most anabolic steroids, Dbol also helps preserve lean tissue, which also tends to disappear during a diet. For a competitive bodybuilder, this steroid can be used during a diet, but we do not recommend using it at the end of a cycle because of its high rate of aromatization.

So Metandienone may not be the best anabolic steroid during a diet, but it will still do the trick. And – good news – it’s generally inexpensive and widely available on the market.

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