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Arimidex (anastrozole)

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Speaking of Arimidex…what is Arimidex? Have you ever heard of it? We are here to give you more information and answers to your questions.

  • It’s a drug normally produced and marketed by the lab AstraZeneca.
  • It’s a very powerful non-steroid aromatase inhibitor.
  • It’s only available through medical prescription, and in the vast majority of cases, only for menopausal women.
  • Usually one 1mg pill is prescribed per day or every other day. It should be taken at the same time every day. If you forget, simply wait to take it the next day.
  • It has a number of undesirable side effects, but before talking about them, first we will discuss the primary goals of its usage and the types of treatments.


What is its function?

Arimidex contains Anastrozole as its active ingredient. It inhibits the aromatase enzyme, which is associated with the production of the female sex hormone estrogen.

An Arimidex treatment allows you to reduce estrogen to very low levels and therefore considerably diminish the stimulation of cancer cell growth during breast cancer treatment.

It is given to post-menopausal women as a supplementary treatment for early-stage breast cancer after surgery or for advanced-stage breast cancer.



Arimidex’s Side Effects

There are possible side effects that arise in different forms.

These can include headaches, nausea and vomiting, mood swings, exhaustion or fatigue.


What are the alternative uses of this product, or why do some athletes use Arimidex in treatments?

Like many medications, Arimidex pills also have an alternative use. This product is particularly used by bodybuilders and strength athletes in sports like weightlifting.

The method these athletes use to reduce estrogen is interesting for several reasons: notably it will modify hormone function, and the drop in estrogen reduces the fat and water retained by the body, or as one says in bodybuilding, it more easily “cuts” or “shreds” muscles. Anastrozole can also sometimes increase the testosterone level up to 58%.



Arimidex Dosage for Athletes

¼ tablet (0.25mg) taken once every other day or even every three days is usually enough for most cycles where testosterone intake is below 750mg per week. More Arimidex is needed if you use other aromatizing compounds, less if you use non-aromatizing compounds.



What are the Advantages of Arimidex?

For athletes using steroids, there is risk of unwanted development in certain body parts. For men, usage can cause breast development, increased fatty tissue under the nipples in men, called gynecomastia.

During steroid or testosterone cycles, even short cycles or gentle treatments, it’s best to follow an Arimidex treatment at the same time. In fact, this product is notorious for limiting the side effects of taking steroids or testosterones while also blocking aromatase.

Many athletes who take one or both of these products create treatments to prevent effects like edema or gynecomastia.

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