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Primobolan (Methenolone Acetate) is an anabolic steroid a bit like the original version of Masteron. User reviews are often very positive.

In fact, as you can easily see from its anabolic/androgenic ratio (see the profile at the bottom of the page), it’s a fairly gentle steroid though actually stronger than Masteron.
Users may be disappointed with Primobolan if they do not take enough of it or use it for a sufficient period of time. Considering its chemical structure and its ratio of anabolic and androgenic effects, we can guess that it is at least as effective as Masteron on an equal mg per mg basis.

Still, due to its ester (in the injectable version) it must be taken for at least 12 weeks to obtain all of its benefits.

But a low dose of 400mg for 12 weeks will cost you around $500. It is easy to understand why many people have tried to use less…and were disappointed with their results in the end. On the other hand, many competitive bodybuilders consider Primobolan to be indispensable to their pre-competition routine and couldn’t imagine a cycle without it.

Whatever the case, comparing Primobolan to Masteron (another pre-competition steroid) is the best we can do in terms of evaluating gains and expected results.



Primobolan Effects

Let’s cover some of Primobolan’s unavoidable effects before addressing the differences between the oral and injectable versions.

A study showed that sheep injected with 100mg of Methenolone and submitted to electrical muscle stimulation gained significantly more muscle mass and strength than normal. Additionally, this steroid can help reduce breast tumors with no supplementary products.

Just like Masteron, Primobolan does not tend to aromatize (convert to estrogen). Since it doesn’t aromatize, you don’t have to worry about many side effects commonly associated with estrogen, including water retention, acne and gynecomastia. The lack of water retention combined with slow and steady gains of quality dry muscle explains why Primo has such a good reputation for building muscle. This also explains why it is so expensive.

Although estrogen-related symptoms are not cause for worry, hair loss is still a real concern with Primobolan, as it is with many steroids derived from DHT. Primobolan fans always use anti-hair loss shampoo during cycles containing Primobolan.

Doctors have found sufficient proof that Primovolan is an immune activator and thus very useful for AIDS patients.
An immune activator like Primo that also increases their supply of quality muscle is perfect for them.

And since we are not going to consider using Primobolan as a bulking agent, it will mainly be used to obtain and keep lean tissue.

It’s an excellent choice for cutting, and many athletes have used it with success to maintain their muscles during a low-calorie diet.

Primobolan is so useful for this purpose because one of its principle functions is to help your body retain nitrogen at a high rate. The higher your nitrogen retention, the more muscle you will gain and keep.

If you use Primo in a pre-competition bodybuilding treatment, this nitrogen retention will help you conserve muscle and ensure that your diet encourages fat loss rather than muscle loss.







Oral Primobolan

Primobolan sets itself apart because it is one of the rare steroids that is availabe in both oral and injectable forms.
This is also true of Winstrol, but Primobolan has a different ester in its oral version (acetate) than in its injectable version (Enanthate). The oral version is one of the most interesting oral compounds to study. To start, it’s one of the few compounds available for athletes and bodybuilders that is both oral and not 17-alpha-alkylated (17-aa).

This 17-aa alteration is what usually allows oral steroids to pass through the liver without being destroyed, but unfortunately it also makes them hepatotoxic (toxic to the liver). Oral Primo is not 17-aa and is very gentle, but it is also largely destroyed by the liver.

You will need to take a lot of oral Primobolan for it to be effective…For men, 100mg/day of oral Primo will safely bring you quality gains.

Women can take smaller doses such as 25mg/day. Even though the acetate ester has an active life of 2-3 days, your liver will destroy oral Primobolan so you need to take it every day to keep enough active matter in your body.

Men who receive a dose of 30-45mg of oral Primo notice a 15-65% drop in gonadotropin levels. We noted that 100mg is a good dosage for obtaining gains…and at this dosage you will considerably reduce your gonadotropin levels.


Injectable Primobolan

In general, at least 350mg of injectable Primo should be used per week, and 400-600mg per week is even better. Most users will also take Testosterone Enanthate twice a week.



Primobolan Depot

Primobolan Depot, while weaker than Deca-Durabolin, is a good base with an intense anabolic effect. It can be combined with almost all other steroids. Those who want to quickly gain mass and don’t have Deca available can use Primobolan Depot with Susta 250 and Diana. Primbolan Depot is typically the safest injectable steroid.


Buying Primobolan

The sad truth about Primo’s injectable version is that its chemical product is very expensive to obtain, and the cost of production is passed on to the average consumer.

Ten dollars per 1ml/100mg vial of Primo is common, and it may even be more. Unfortunately Primobolan is also among the most commonly counterfeited products on the black market.
So we recommend you buy oral or injectable Primobolan from respected labs instead of trying your luck with fake steroids from Mexico or Europe.

The underground versions should costs $5-$7 for 100mg of Methenolone. The British Dragon version can cost up to $20 per milliliter.



Primobolan (Methenolone) Profile

  • The oral version includes an acetate ester
  • The injectable version includes an Enanthate ester
  • Chemical formula: C20H30O2
  • Original manufacturer: Schering
  • Effective oral dose: men = 50-100mgs/day; women = 10-25mgs/day
  • Effective injectable dose: men = 350-600mgs/week; women = 100mgs/week
  • Active life: 10-14 days (injectable); 4–6 hours (oral)
  • Detection time: 4-5 weeks
  • Ratio of anabolic/androgenic effects: 88/44-57

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