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Desmodium is a perennial plant from the fabaceae family. It grows around palm or cacao trees in Africa.

Used for generations by healers, it comes in a multitude of species.

We are interested in Desmodium adscendens. Desmodium is most effective against severe viral hepatitis.

In Africa, decoctions are made from its cut stems and leaves.

In Europe it comes as a liquid or in capsules.


Benefits of DESMODIUM

Originally from Equatorial Africa, Desmodium has only recently become known in Europe. This plant is an excellent hepato-protector, even when the liver is attacked with heavy medication or chemotherapy.

Desmodium adscendens also treats bronchial or allergic asthma. Desmodium helps regenerate liver cells. The liver is a major organ that intervenes in several vital functions like digestion, hormonal regulation or fat metabolism.

It also purifies your body by eliminating toxins (natural waste, drugs, alcohol, heavy metals).

Viral and drug-induced hepatitis cause a liver disorder that Desmodium can cure.

Doctors also recommend it to their chemotherapy patients. But for naturopaths, the plant has plenty of other virtues. They use it against fatigue associated with loss of appetite or digestive difficulties, skin problems or chronic ENT (ear nose throat) conditions.

All these signs indicate a liver worn down by a poor lifestyle (stress, junk food, excess alcohol).



Desmodium and an Anabolic Steroid Treatment

Since Desmodium is usually very poweful, don’t use it during treatment. It risks destroying its results before they take effect.

Instead use it after treatment for a complete detox and to restore transaminase levels to normal. It will leave your liver like new.



Importance of the Liver During an Anabolic Steroid Treatment

The liver has more than 200 metabolic functions!

It serves to filter and metabolize everything you ingest while purifying your blood of toxins.

It stores glycogen, which feeds your muscles, and is also where the metabolization of igf-1 via growth hormone takes place.

No need to remind you of igf-1’s importance for testosterone.

A healthy liver is as indispensable to muscle growth as it is to looking shredded and defined!