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Lean muscle gains and weight loss, 4 steroids to choose from

by WikiStero.com

Steroid treatment, fat burning and muscle leaning

Anabolic steroids have incredible effects on the body, such as a massive gain in muscle volume or a dramatic increase in strength. Some in particular are very effective in gaining lean muscle and promoting fat burning. So here is our selection of the best anabolic steroids for losing body fat and building lean muscle mass. They are suitable for everyone from bodybuilders looking for carved muscle to athletes wanting to create high quality muscle to people who are desperate to lose weight and achieve rapid weight loss, some steroids are very suitable! Sportsmen looking for the perfect look for the beach this summer will also find satisfaction…


Strict but sufficient diet

Make sure you eat a very suitable diet: it is crucial to eat enough calories to allow the manufacture of lean muscle and not lose muscle, but eat too much and you will not lean much!


Intense training

Thetraining will also be an important point and the bodybuilding exercises will not necessarily be the same as for gaining mass. For example, it will be very important to do a lot of cardio to promote fat loss.



Choosing your steroids to get a lean and muscular body

The three main steroids for leaning are Anavar(Oxandrolone), Clenbuterol(Clenbuterol Hydrochloride) and Winstrol (Stanozolol). They allow you to burn fat in an incredible way while gaining quality lean muscle. The testosterone is mostly known for its effects of taking mass, but properly used or even in addition to other products, the effects during a cut will be formidable. Testosterone is generally very well tolerated by healthy men and is the most effective anabolic steroid of all time. Be aware of the specificities of the steroids listed below, each product is different, it is important to be well informed and to ask for advice if in doubt.


  • Anavar

  • Clenbuterol


  • Winstrol

  • Testosterone



We recommend that you respect the maximum doses and the recommended duration of use. Also be careful to take certain protections depending on the steroids used as well as a raise to keep the gains. You can contact us directly for a request for a cure adapted to your objectives here