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T3 Cytomel

by WikiStero.com

Triiodothyronine, known under the more easily pronounced name T3, is a thyroid hormone that influences virtually all of your body’s biological processes.

Needless to say, T3 is a hormone, NOT an anabolic steroid.

In the world of sports, it’s used for cutting and weight loss due to its effect on the metabolism, thermogenesis or even heart rate.


T3’s Positive Effects

Protein Synthesis

Unlike anabolic steroids that maintain a positive nitrogen balance to promote protein synthesis, T3 accelerates the degradation of these proteins when they are overabundant (negative ionic balance).

Therefore they are ideal for cutting to avoid gaining weight.


Burning Fat

By accelerating fat and cholesterol reduction, T3 increases the lipolysis effect and thus burns fat.


T3 also increases thermogenesis. With a higher body temperature, you will sweat more and release toxins. The result is significant weight loss.


Anabolism and GH

Since taking T3 noticeably increases the concentration of this steroid in your body, it increases anabolism as well as your natural production of growth hormone.




T3’s Negative Effects

An overdose of T3 greater than 100mcg/day can increase heart rate and tachycardia.

An overdose of this hormone can be dangerous to the heart.

In extreme cutting periods, you may face a lot of muscle fatigue which raises risk of injury.

Prolonged T3 usage can stop natural production of this hormone.

The break periods should be proportional to the period of usage.


T3 Usage and Dosage

There are a multitude of different protocols in this domain.


Split Intake

Contrary to everything you might read on the various forums, T3‘s half life is 2 days. We are less familiar with this usage but the procedure is still common.

The key is to distribute the daily dosage over two or three 25mcg portions at meals.


Fixed Intake

This is what we recommend for optimal weight loss. One fixed portion in the morning on an empty stomach.

This is the most common and effective method. Doctors also recommend this product during hormone replacement therapy.

Pyramid Cycle

This is the safest technique for taming the side effects and seeing how your body reacts.

Start with a dose of 25mcg/day that you will gradually increase every 6 days.

This method can be used with fixed or split intake.


6-Week Treatment

We recommend a 6-week treatment to avoid repressing the thyroid gland for too long. It allows your natural production to recovery quickly and avoids side effects linked to prolonged T3 usage.