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Buying Anavar

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When you want to buy Anavar, you generally have two options: online or in person (in a gym for example).

Like all androgenic anabolic steroids, purchasing online should always be the first choice because the products are safer and usually much more effective. There is no way to gauge the quality of Anavar bought in your weightlifting gym, and it’s often very expensive.


Buying Anavar on the Black Market

When you buy Anavar on the black market, there is one main concern: is the Oxandrolone real or is it a fake steroid?

Those who have already bought Anaver know that it’s been one of the most frequently counterfeited steroids on the market for many years. Unfortunately this problem is also prevalent among in person purchases.

Regardless of the source, you will normally find this steroid for $1-2 per 10mg tablet. A 10mg tablet costing less than $1 should alert you to exercise caution. Remember, just because something is cheap does not mean it is a good deal.

If you buy a new Porsche for half-price but it’s missing an engine, is it really worth it?



Anavar Purchase

Another problem you may come across while purchasing Anavar is thinking that you’re buying one product but actually receiving another.

Many labs will buy cheaper powdered steroids and recreate them as pills with the name Anavar. The problem here is that you will feel an anabolic effect and many, especially beginners, won’t suspect the deception. It is very common to find Dianabol powder made into so-called Metandienone pills.

If the expected results are not exactly met, the problem often lies with you or your dosages…but not always.

A good way to check product authenticity is to choose a manufacturer that offers serial number verification on its official site. Then you can always guarantee that you are not buying a fake.




Buying Anavar for Weight Loss

Without a doubt the best time to buy Anavar is during a diet. This steroid is most useful in a cutting phase.

Of course you want a real, quality product, but this may not be easy to find and it’s up to you to seek out your own reliable sources. Oxandrolone is not well-suited for bulking.

However when it’s a matter of preserving lean mass and improving overall metabolic efficiency, Oxandrolone is an excellent hormone.
Those who buy Anavar often use it for cutting and/or losing fat mass. It also serves as a male performance enhancer and Anavar may be a good addition to your anabolic steroid cycle. However due to its gentle nature, it is usually a supplement rather than the principal steroid of a treatment.

You will find men who want to take Anavar as their base steroid. We do not recommend this because it is more useful as a supplement to your treatment.

For women, it’s a different story. Anavar may often the the only anabolic steroid required for a cutting cycle. Women may use other steroids simultaneously, but many will buy Anavar without any other steroids and obtain perfectly marvelous results.


Learn more about Anavar before buying

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