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Anavar Reviews

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If you’ve already thought about taking androgenic anabolic steroids, there is a good chance that you’ve considered Anavar, because it’s one of the gentlest, safest anabolic steroids on the market.

We’re not only talking about men; many women consider Oxandrolone to be the only anabolic steroid that the female metabolism tolerates well.

The reason is simple: Oxandrolone is an anabolic steroid and emotions are often present in reviews of anabolic steroids, which may call obvious facts into question.

As you consult various comments and reviews about Anavar, it is better to avoid those presenting a strong opinion without factual support.



Evaluating Anavar reviews

Little by little you will form your opinion from the numerous discussions and studies of Anavar. However there are still some simple facts that should be clarified:

There is always a good chance of missing the information you are looking for. Good opinions and reviews on Anavar will have the following:

  • What the hormone Oxandrolone is
  • How Oxandrolone functions
  •  Oxandrolone’s advantages (positive effects)
  •  Oxandrolone’s disadvantages (side effects and negative effects)
  •  The best stack with Oxandrolone

Though this list seems simple (and it is a little), it is very easy to let emotions take over let logical, rational thought.

Various reviews often present Anavar’s side effects inappropriately to scare the reader, and it is even easier to deceive by talking about positive effects that are ultimately negligible or absent in Anavar. How do you know who to trust, especially on the Internet?

To find the truth, there are usually two areas you should avoid while researching Anavar. First, if the goal of the site is to promote Anavar usage while giving you the opportunity to buy Anavar, even indirectly, then the desire to make a sale may push aside warnings of negative side effects.

The second, which may surprise you, is official government sites. They do not present information objectively and the authors probably have no idea what hormones or anabolics are. It’s really too bad to see many athletes be abused by those who want to ban doping products for fair performance reasons.

Even more so when the government’s own health agencies certify a product as non-hazardous but are forced to remain silent.



The best Anavar reviews

Unsurprisingly, you will undoubtedly find the best Anavar reviews here, away from any bias or emotion. While this certainly might not be the most exciting reading material for some of you, we simply wish to tell you the truth. Other quality sources are also available on the Internet.

The best reviews of Anavar are provided by labs, veterans with the necessary experience, and independent newspaper articles based on tests.


The basics of Anavar reviews

Here are the important concepts to keep in mind when looking into Anavar reviews:

  • Anavar is the brand name for the anabolic steroid Oxandrolone
  • Anavar is an alpha-17 oral anabolic steroid.
  • As an alpha-17-alkylated steroid, Anavar is hepatically active, but much less dangerous than most other oral steroids.
  • Anavar is an anabolic steroid derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT)
  • Anavar has an active life of approximately 9 hours
  • Anavar does not aromatize, so there are no related side effects, namely gynecomastia and bloating
    Virilization (or masculinization) is rare in women who take Anavar responsibly
  • Anavar does not cause rapid weight gain, even at high doses
  • Anavar will not cause you to lose your hair if you are not predisposed to baldness
  • Anavar is not a steroid that increases aggressiveness


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