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Anavar Results and Side Effects

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In the world of androgenic anabolic steroids, there are steroids for growth and bulking and others for dieting and cutting.

But in general most have multiple capabilities that make them well-suited for various types of cycles. When we examine Anavar’s effects, we notice that it is appropriate for men in a dieting phase, but it is also a comprehensive and effective steroid for women.

It’s a very gentle steroid and very popular among both sexes, but it’s often largely misunderstood. Frequently faked due to its popularity, if you understand Anavar’s effects, you can easily maximize usage of this powerful steroid.


The Nature of Anavar’s Effects

Anavar (Oxandrolone) is an oral anabolic steroid derived from dihydrotestosterone or DHT.

It becomes active in the body very quickly after ingestion. Like all DHT steroids, it has a very short active life of about nine hours. Men often need to administer it several times a day.

If you consider Oxandrolone and its original purpose, you can understand how Anavar’s effects can be beneficial to athletes in terms of performance enhancement.

Anavar can preserve muscle tissue in patients suffering from illnesses that cause muscle atrophy, and can even assist in the restoration process.

Burn victims are often prescribed Oxandrolone for this reason, though it is intended for healing and preservation rather than building large quantities of tissue.

However if tissue does appear – particularly for athletes during a bulking phase – it will be lean, durable, 100% pure tissue.



Anavar’s Effects on the Body

Though preservation and regeneration are Anavar’s main effects, its metabolic efficiency is closely related and should not be ignored.

Oxandrolone promotes lipolysis through a higher rate of fat burn in the body. For example, the more lean muscle you have, the higher your metabolic activity.

During a diet, we often lose lean muscle. But if you can preserve this muscle while losing body fat, then your metabolic rate will rise and lead to a more attractive and efficient body. Anavar is often set aside by men because they are disappointed with its results, but this is typically because they simply don’t take enough.

Oxandrolone is a very mild anabolic steroid and men will only notice Anavar’s effects if they take at least 50mg per day, ideally 80mg. Since this steroid usually costs $2 per 10mg tablet, a 50mg dosage (which is often not enough) can cost a man at least $70 per week, if not more.



Anavar’s Effects on Women

In many circles, Anavar is simply known as “Anavar for Women” and though it can be useful for men, this nickname indicates its most common usage.

While Anavar’s effects for men are slight in terms of gaining size and weight, women are much more sensitive and can gain substantial lean tissue from a very small dosage.

Since Anavar’s effects are very mild, many women use Oxandrolone without a problem. In the world of women’s sports and bodybuilding, Oxandrolone is king (or rather queen, since this compound tends to give women fantastic bodies). Not only is this steroid well-suited to female bodybuilders, it is incontestably THE steroid in the world of fitness, so much so that your favorite fitness model probably already has a little Anavar in his or her body.

Aside from being well tolerated, most women need a mere 10mg per day for a successful treatment.



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