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Anavar Stacks

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A stack is a combination of products (often anabolic steroids) during a cycle.

Most anabolic steroid users ask:
– What should I stack and how do I stack it?
– What mixture works well with this steroid to get the best results?

And an Anavar stack is often part of the equation.

Anavar stacks will be very different depending on the gender of the individual more so than the purpose of the cycle (bulking or cutting). Oxandrolone is not typically recommended for men during a bulking cycle but it can be used in a stack with other products, though in most cases it will prove ineffective

When interested in Anavar stacks, it’s best to look at how a man can use it in a cutting cycle and how women can use it in general. It may vary slightly for female bulking cycles versus weight loss or cutting cycles, but in general they are all similar.



Anavar Stacks for Men

For male anabolic steroid users, Oxandrolone will mainly be used during cutting periods, when reducing body fat is the main concern. For the vast majority, it is recommended to use some form of exogenous testosterone.

Testosterone should be the base of most cycles, not only because using anabolic steroids stop natural testosterone production, but because it is the most versatile and effective hormone.

Those who add Anavar to testosterone during a cutting cycle have many other options for other anabolic steroids that combine well, including:


Homme musclé


Anavar Stacks for Women

For the female athlete, adding Anavar may be beneficial at any time and for any cycle, from bulking to cutting.

In many or even most cases, this will be the only anabolic steroid needed during the cycle, even if other hormones and performance boosters can be combined with Anavar.

Women are usually recommended to use Oxandrolone alone the first time. This allows you to evaluate your body’s reaction and ensure that you handle the product well.

For female atheltes who choose an Anavar stack with other anabolic steroids to enhance performance, Oxandrolone goes well with:

  • Primobolan
  • Winstrol
  • Clenbuterol
  • Cytomel
  • HGH (Hormones de Croissance)
  • Nolvadex


Duration of Usage

While stacking Anavar, you must plan you schedule well. 6 to 8 weeks of use is a good rule of thumb for men and women, 6 weeks being the maximum recommended for most women.

You can consider increasing the total duration, but in most cases it is advisable to take a break before starting a new cycle.

Many men find that it’s better to move to another anabolic steroid, while women may take a break from Oxandrolone for 3-4 weeks before starting a new 6-week Anavar cycle.

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