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Dianabol Steroid

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Dianabol steroids are among the most popular steroids of all time. Of all the oral steroids available on the market, Dianabol holds the top spot in terms of popularity. Aside from being immensely popular, Dbol is also the first oral anabolic synthesized for human consumption.

While this steroid is also available as an injectable, the oral form is by far the most popular and widely used. Though there is an injectable version (commonly called Reforvit-B) the oral version that interests us is by far the most used form and the only one you need.



History of the Steroid Dianabol

The steroid Dianabol was developed by John Zeigler, a doctor for the American olympic team in 1956. It was synthesized by Ciba Pharmaceuticals to give the United States’ team an advantage against the Soviet athletes, who were themselves already consuming testosterone.

From there, these little pills became athletes’ favorite overnight, particularly in the world of bodybuilding.

It is well known that many bodybuilders from the 1970s, which is often referred to as the golden age of steroids, regularly took Dianabol. At that time, they weren’t breaking any laws!


Arnold e lo Steroide Dianabol


Benefits of Dianabol

Dianabol has multiple benefits: substantial gains of pure strength and muscle mass, and even the fact that it combines well with other steroids at the same time.

While it’s preferable to use it in a stack of anabolic steroids, Dbol can also be successfully used alone, though it’s not really recommended. Some people like to use it as a bridge between two cycles to conserve the gains they’ve acquired. Though this works, once again it’s not something we’d recommend.

If you decide to take it between two cycles, small doses of testosterone and HGH (growth hormone) will be much more effective than one steroid taken alone at higher doses.



Dianabol’s Side Effects

All anabolic steroids carry potential negative side effects, and Dianabol is no exception. The side effect most commonly associated with Dianabol is excessive water retention. While this can happen, it’s often exaggerated by those who describe it.

Diet will have a much more important impact on this effect than Dianabol consumption itself, and if your diet is not suited to using Dianabol then you can expect water retention.

As with other possible side effects from steroids, Dianabol is known for increasing blood pressure in some people, and this may be something you need to monitor. However this affects everyone differently, and many can take Dbol without any blood pressure problems.

Besides, while Dianabol does not aromatize much, you must be aware that it can still convert to estrogen at a higher rate in some people and gynecomastia may be a concern. As with all anabolic steroids, this can severely slow down (even stop) your natural testosterone production. For this reason it is strongly advised to combine your Dianabol with testosterone to counteract this effect.

A Dianabol cycle is very easy to implement, and it’s also one of the most efficient in the world. You will have trouble finding a more effective oral steroid. And the cost-benefit ratio is difficult to beat; the price you pay for these little pills will often be one of the best that you can find.

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