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How to recognize fake steroids?

by WikiStero.com

Today, underground laboratories are pushing fake anabolic products onto the market at an alarming rate.  The product itself can look virtually identical to the real thing, meaning to the untrained eye, counterfeit products can be very difficult to spot.  These are the methods you can take to safeguard yourself against buying counterfeit steroids online:


Research the manufacturer.

The handiest tool in your arsenal is the ease in which anyone can perform background checks and conduct research about a laboratory.  Does their website look professional or does it look like it was made in 1993? Does the lab have an actual street address?  Do they offer online verification of their products?  Are they easily contactable?  All of these are factors to consider when you’re conducting research into a lab or manufacturer.


Quality of the Seals

Even to a novice, the difference between a pharmaceutical quality seal and a handheld seal is noticeably different.  In a genuine product the seal will be tight and uniform all the way around.  The top will not be loose, or able to be moved.  There will be absolutely no sign of leakage or seepage.  And if you have any doubts, a genuine laboratory will replace your product as the seal is essential to keep your product in a sterile environment, making it safe to use.



Manufacturing and Expiry Dates

Because pharmaceutical companies produce their products in large batches, they add the manufacturing and expiry date of each batch to the product packaging when they are packed.  This means it has to be done as a separate process, and sometimes individually.  You can carefully examine these dates under a microscope or powerful magnifying glass and it will be evident (when compared to the rest of the printing on the package) if these dates were added to the box later, or preprinted.


 Product Packaging

A lot of care goes into the packaging of anabolic products for the aforementioned reason.  A genuine laboratory will use glass ampules for sterility reasons, and tablets will be separated by way of push-through blister packs.  Vials and bottles, or any container capable of holding multiple doses should always warrant further research into its authenticity.



Your Health Is The Most Important Thing You Have

If you have any doubts about your product for any of these reasons, you should not hesitate to dispose of it.  Fake products are often not manufacturer under sterile conditions and can contain dangerous fillers.  Counterfeiters are out to make some quick money.  They don’t care if their customers are harmed along the way.  This way of thinking is contrary to a genuine laboratory who will take care to ensure their customers are using high quality and appropriately dosed products that are manufacturer in perfectly sterile conditions.  If you have any doubts and cannot verify a products authenticity, the risk is just not worth it.

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