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Name : TUDCA, Tauroursodeoxycholic acid

Chemical Formula: C 26 H 45 N O 6 S2

Administration: oral


1. Presentation of TUDCA :

TUDCA is a water-soluble bile acid. Several clinical studies have shown that TUDCA is very effective in the treatment of cholestasis (bile acid reserve in the liver). Indeed, the water-soluble bile acids have an action of opposition to the toxicity of the regular bile acids.

In addition, TUDCA protects and rehabilitates the liver, and has a beneficial effect on cells in general. It is therefore a very promising molecule, which is beginning to be used during sports supplementation as protection.

But the history of TUDCA is very old. Indeed, Chinese medicine has used this substance, present in the bile of animals (especially bears), for hundreds of years to treat heat-related disorders. Thus, it relieves spasms, reduces fever and improves visual faculties.



2. How TUDCA works:

TUDCA will act as a chemical chaperone in the body by preventing programmed cell death, called apoptosis. Indeed, the action of TUDCA will consist in blocking the transfer of the BAX molecule to the mitochondria. Thus, BAX will be unable to release the cytochrome C, usually responsible for the activation of caspase enzymes, which through several cellular mechanisms, leads to apoptosis.

Through this action, TUDCA protects the cells.


3. Benefits of TUDCA:

Through its action, TUDCA will bring many benefits to the body:

  • Liver detoxification
  • Facilitates the elimination of toxins
  • Rehabilitates the function of the liver to eliminate toxins and store vitamins A, D, H, E
  • Protects the cells
  • Treats gallstones and cirrhosis of the liver



4. Side effects of TUDCA:

TUDCA hasno side effects on the body to date.


5. The different uses of TUDCA :

  • For the treatment of cirrhosis of the liver :

TUDCA is produced in many countries and used as a treatment for liver cirrhosis.

Indeed, TUDCA treats unhealthy livers and studies have shown that “TUDCA attenuates the reduction in bioenergetics in a liver cell after incubation with acetaldehyde (the alcohol metabolite responsible for the damage) and significantly reduces ethanol-induced cell death. (Henzel K, et al. Toxicity of ethanol and acetaldehyde in hepatocytes treated with ursodeoxycholic or tauroursodeoxycholic acid. Biochim Biophys Acta. (2004))

  • For the health and detoxification of the liver:

TUDCA protects the liver from toxins. It is therefore widely used by the bodybuilder community, during a course of treatment with oral anabolic steroids or prohormones, to protect their liver.

  • To treat gallstones:

TUDCA will allow the dissolution of gallstones, made up of cholesterol and their evacuation by the urine.



6. Taking Tudca during a sports supplement cycle:

The use of TUDCA is strongly recommended during a course of treatment with oral steroids, a course of treatment with prohormones, in order to avoid damage to the liver caused by the products. TUDCA should also be taken during MDT to continue its cleansing of the body.

  • Recommended dosage :

The daily dosage is between 200 and 500 mg per day, divided into two or three doses.

  • Cycle time:

Throughout the steroid or prohormone treatment and during MDT.

  • Results with TUDCA:

TUDCA will protect the liver against the aggressive action of performance enhancing products.

A lot of research is underway to study all the possible benefits of TUDCA. It would act on the regulation of weight and would have a beneficial effect on the health of diabetics. While waiting for the results of this new research, the effectiveness of TUDCA on liver health is no longer in question. It is still mainly used by athletes during steroid treatments. But TUDCA can be used by any person wishing to give his or her liver a facelift, because the liver’s action is essential to the body’s overall balance and well-being.

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