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Name : Trenavar, Estra-4,9,11-triene-3,17-dione, Trendione

Chemical Formula: C 18 h 20 O 2

Administration: oral


1- Presentation of Trenavar :

Trenavar, better known as Trendione, is a prohormone, which happens to be 10 times more androgenic than Testosterone. Once absorbed by the body, Trenavar will develop active Trenbolone.

Thus it will bring many benefits to the body, such as muscle development, fat melting, improving endurance.

It was developed from 2011 by two laboratories: PHF Supplements, Innovative Body Enhancement Supplements



2- How Trenavar works:

Prohormones are inactive compounds derived from certain anabolic steroids. Sold in capsule form, the inactive compound becomes active upon ingestion. The absorption of the now active compound takes place during digestion, thanks to digestive enzymes.

Once ingested, Trenavar will target 17b-HSD1 to convert to Trenbolone. Thus, once active again, Trenavar will develop properties similar to Trenbolone, such as mass gain.


3- Benefits of Trenavar:

Through its action, Trenavar will bring many benefits to the body in a very short period of time:

  • Consistent development of muscle mass
  • Considerable increase in strength
  • Accelerated fat loss
  • Increased muscle vascularization


4- Side effects of Trenavar:

Prohormones are inactive derivatives of anabolic steroids. Their properties become active after ingestion. Because of this mode of action, prohormones are safer alternatives to anabolic steroids for health reasons, as they will provide the same anabolic effects but with less pronounced side effects.

For Trenavar, the following side effects have been reported, if during the course of treatment no protection was taken:

  • Increase in blood pressure, disappearing at the end of the cycle
  • High cholesterol level
  • Increased aggression
  • Decreased libido
  • Lowered thyroid levels, resulting in prolactin production

On the other hand, Trenavar does not aromatize, so there is no risk of converting testosterone into estrogen and developing gynecomastia.



5- Thedifferent uses of Trenavar :

  • For muscle development:

By its action on the cells, Trenavar will stimulate the synthesis of proteins as well as the retention of nitrogen, making it possible to develop the muscular mass quickly. The resulting muscles will be dense and hard. The gains will be sustainable.

  • For increasing strength and stamina:

By developing the number of cells as well as their volume, Trenavar will increasestrength and resistance to effort. These two aspects are very appreciated during training sessions, allowing you to push the limits even further in terms of the number of sequences and the weight of the loads. Nevertheless, the athlete must be careful not to increase the weight too quickly, so as not to cause injury to the tendons. Even with increased strength and stamina, the progression of load weight should be gradual.


6- Start a Trenavar cycle:

Trenavar comes in capsule form, to be taken by mouth. No injectable form is available.

  • Recommended dosage :

At the beginning of the treatment, it is advisable to start with 35 mg per day, divided into several doses throughout the day. Then, increase to 70 mg per day, in several doses.

  • Cycle time:

The cure lasts a maximum of 4 weeks, to obtain conclusive results.

  • MDT after a Trenavar cycle: is it useful?

Professionals recommend a mandatory MDT at the end of the treatment to restore hormone levels.


7. Which battery to make with Trenavar?

Trenavar is often stacked with Epistane for maximum effect.

* Results with Trenavar:

From the first week of the treatment, the results start to be visible. Muscles grow, muscles become dense and hard and fat decreases.

However, the results vary from one person to another and according to the diet and training practiced.



8- IsT renavar suitable for women?

Being inactive derivatives of anabolic steroids, which become active again after ingestion, there are risks of virilization. It is therefore not recommended that women use prohormones.

Other safer alternatives exist for women to sculpt their bodies, such as peptides and growth hormone.

Trenavar is one of the fastest supplements for the development of muscle mass.

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