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Using Dianabol

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Athletes seeking to gain mass and enhance performance are generally more familiar with Dianabol than any other oral steroid. The reasons so many people buy Dianabol are simple: it works well, it’s quick, it’s easy to control, it’s not too expensive and it’s widely available on the market.

If these are not enough good reasons, there’s more. Secret labs often make fake anabolic steroids, but this is less often the case with Dianabol because it is derived from an inexpensive powder. This doesn’t mean that fake Dianabol isn’t out there. The likelihood of encountering it is just much lower than for steroids like Anavar or Primobolan.

In short, if you want to quickly increase muscle size and strength, your odds of success are good if you buy Dianabol.



Mass and Strength Gains

Dianabol is the commercial name of Metandienone, a C17-aa oral anabolic steroid. Metandienone is also available in liquid form, more commonly known as Reforvit-B, but it is not widely used.

If you buy Dianabol under the DianaGen brand, you will find yellow 10mg tablets. However the two contain identical active matter and have similar results.

While the 10mg pills are very common, Metandienone can take any form. Many people buy 20mg or even 50mg Dianabol tablets, which makes it easier to consume higher doses.


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Buying Dianabol with Testosterone

You can take Metandienone alone, it won’t kill you, but we don’t recommend it. Metandienone stops natural testosterone production, and even if it’s not at as high a degree as some other anabolic steroids, the blockage is still there and is cause to take exogenous testosterone.

Those who buy Dianabol are encouraged to buy enough testosterone to ensure that they have sufficient amounts in their body. In fact, combining Dianabol and testosterone should be considered good news because when Metandienone and testosterone are stacked together, you get the most impressive results for muscle growth and increased strength.

There are other methods you can use to get enough testosterone when you buy Dianabol, but injections will always be the most efficient.

“Buy Dianabol and see your muscles grow…”It’s not rare for Metandienone users to see 20 to 30 pounds of size and mass gains in a few weeks. But anabolic steroids are not magic.

If growth is your goal when you buy Dianabol, you must eat enough calories to fuel your needs. The laws of nutrition do not change even when an anabolic steroid is introduced. If you eat a low-calorie diet and take Dianabol, your odds of gaining a lot of weight are slim.

As with all anabolic steroids, while taking Dbol you should continue to eat normally and very slightly increase the amount of calories consumed.


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