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Testosterone: A Precious Hormone

by WikiStero.com

Dopamine and testosterone are the ultimate male (androgenic) steroid (sex) hormones. A women produces it to a lesser extent, though if she holds a “leading” position her levels increase. Besides masculine characteristics – lower voice, hairiness, sex organs and maturation of sperm – this hormone affects the production of the sebaceous glands and plays a role in aggression (not necessarily in a pejorative sense, imposing yourself, having to “suck it up”). It influences physical strength (athletes use androgenic anabolic steroids to increase muscle, bone and skin density). Testosterone increases action, combativeness, self-confidence, risk-taking, a conquering attitude, energy and endurance, concentration, courage, sexual appetite and libido. It increases lymphocytes (and therefore your immune defenses), induces a dominating physical posture and the protective, commanding, decisive behavior, almost to the point of arrogance. In short, it’s the hormone of a leader!



Testosterone: How to raise your levels

Ethologists have observed cats, wolves and great apes asserting their dominance over their fellow creatures by adopting a posture that makes them appear stronger or more imposing. And it seems that human primates behave in the same way! Imagine that the impact on the dosage is just as significant when you mimic power! Social psychologist Amy Cuddy studied “power postures”: holding confident postures impacts testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain, and can thus have a real impact on our chances of success. So physically STRAIGHTEN UP! Changing posture is changing your hormone dosage, your state of mind and regaining good breathing habits. Being flattered and valued, feeling victorious and powerful increases testosterone levels. Instinctively after victory, a person stands up tall and raises their arms to the sky!

Careful! Though power and victory increase testosterone levels, they will fall if you are dominated or even humiliated (suddenly we understand masculine behavior better!). So, learn to respect yourself, spend time with people who value you and engage in activities, actions and gestures that make you PROUD of yourself. Whether in workouts, sports or in the bedroom! Sexual activity or masturbation maintains or boosts testosterone production! The alpha-male instinctively sustains high levels of dopamine to maintain libido and reproduction.


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