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What are the Benefits of High Testosterone Level?

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Testosterone is a hormone that regulates the development of different male characteristics such as muscle growth, bones, and sex organ. An appropriate testosterone level is essential for male growth. It is also found in women but at a very low level. A lower level of testosterone can affect men, and women can also suffer from the condition. If you are suffering from low testosterone, it can decrease low libido, muscle mass and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. When you intake testosterone injections to overcome low testosterone levels, it gives you several benefits and improves your health. In this article, we will look out for the benefits of higher testosterone level.




1. What Is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone produced in the testicles for men and the adrenal glands and ovaries for women. Testosterone production increases 30 times more during adolescence and early adulthood. After early adulthood, its level drops each year slightly. Your body may see a 1% decline after you are 30 years old. Testosterone hormone plays an important role in the male body, including:

  • Muscle size and strength
  • Bone growth and strength
  • Facial and public hair
  • Development of penis and testes
  • Deepening of the voice during the puberty
  • Sex drive (libido)
  • Sperm production
  • Mood and quality of life
  • Verbal memory and thinking ability

It is natural to have low testosterone as you age, so you need to consult your doctor and take further treatment. Testosterone replacement therapy is the best option to treat lower testosterone levels. As per the studies, the benefits and risks of testosterone-replacement therapy in men that include improvement in sexual function, libido, bone density, body composition, mood, cognition, muscle mass, erythropoiesis and cardiovascular disease.
Testosterone generally comes in different forms: oral (pills, tablets and capsule) and Injectable (injection) form. There are four types of testosterone injection available in the market including:

  • Testosterone Enanthate ( These Ester’s half-life cycle is for 10.5 days)
  • Testosterone Cypionate (These Ester’s half-life cycle is for 12 days)
  • Testosterone Propionate (These Ester’s half-life cycle is for 4.5 days)
  • Testosterone In Suspension (These Ester’s half-life less than 24 hours)

These esters are molecular chains determined from carboxylic acids, and they consist of hydrocarbon groups. Each of them has a different half-life cycle, as mentioned above. They are coupled to the 17-beta hydroxyl group of the parent molecules, increasing the active life of steroids. An esters active half-life cycle depends on which ester drugs you’re taking.

They are very effective, but you may have to face several possible side effects if you intake them for the long term. A lower testosterone level can also affect your health. If you have a normal testosterone level, that gives several benefits, as mentioned below.



2. Benefits Of High Testosterone Level

  • Increase Muscle Growth and Less Fat

Testosterone plays a vital role in a male body. It is also responsible for muscle mass growth. Leaner body mass helps to control your weight and increase your energy and stamina. A higher testosterone level in men can decrease their body weight and help them to improve their muscle size and strength. More testosterone doesn’t have one to one effect on reducing body fats, but the health system will increase less fat storage and fat burning. The people who have high testosterone levels have the least body fats.


Testosterone Enanthate, very good for muscle mass growth.


  • Better Libido

Testosterone is one of the libido boosters. Libido responses represent a tighter feedback loop of testosterone over the other systems. A higher testosterone level naturally increases the response to sexual arousal and sexual activities. This leads to better experience and more sexual arousal. This study  shows for men who don’t have hypogonadism may have to deal with libido and reduce the feeling of well being. A lower testosterone level might cause a lack of libido, but an average libido will not overtly increase with testosterone.

  • Mood Elevation

A lower testosterone level in your body is associated with quality of life. Depression, fatigue, and irritability all symptoms come from a lack of testosterone. Men whose body follows the normal reduction of testosterone over time didn’t show an increase for depression. Your lower mood can increase your stress level. It makes it harder to repair damage and retain hormonal levels in your body. When you intake testosterone, it will boost your mood and make you normal.

  • Increase Bone Density

Testosterone plays a great role in bone mineral density. Your bone density decreases as your testosterone level drops. When testosterone levels fall throughout the 30s or 40s, the density of your bones can weaken. This enlarges the risk of weak bones and osteoporosis. Maybe you have noticed that osteoporosis is a condition associated with women over males. Osteoporosis is the weakening of bones, making them brittle. High testosterone benefits bone density by increasing mineral concentration in your bone. Strong bones help and support your muscle mass and internal organs, which can boost your athletic performance.

  • Healthy Heart And Blood

A healthy heart pumps blood provides muscle and organs with the need for oxygen to peak your performance level. Testosterone helps you to grow the red blood cell production through the bone marrow. A recent study found that 83,000 men whose testosterone levels returned to normal were 36% to experience a stroke or 24% to have a heart attack. And also found that men who use testosterone replacement therapy can get improvements.

  • Better Verbal Memory And Spatial Abilities

The research studies  show that men with higher testosterone have decreased incidence of Alzheimer’s disease. It also has evidence for strong collection between testosterone and thinking abilities such as faster processing speed, verbal memory and spatial awareness. Testosterone treatment for 34 to 70 years older men has shown an improvement in spatial memory.

  • Cholesterol

Testosterone has a bonding process with cholesterol to form a sub-compound. An appropriate amount of testosterone can burn fat by regulating HLD and LDL cholesterol levels. When your testosterone level increases, it will stabilize this reaction. According to this study shows that bonding specifically targets HDL in higher doses. Too much bonding can be issued as HDL is the ‘good cholesterol.


Better Libido


 3. Where to Buy Testosterone?

Nowadays, you can find testosterone for sale on various websites. You can buy testosterone online from reputable sites, just like upsteroids.com, they are selling real products that directly come from the reputed laboratories like Deus Medical, Dragon-Pharma, etc. Remember, Before purchasing testosterone, you need to make sure that you are buying the original product. Many companies are selling counterfeit products by using the real name of steroids.


4. Conclusion

Both men and women need appropriate testosterone levels to develop their different functionality; especially men have to take care of it. All the above reasons show that guys should maintain their testosterone level within their bodies. You might not realize it now, but when you start treatment to increase your testosterone level higher, you will feel much better. The above benefits are enough to make you understand why you should keep your testosterone level high. We recommend you to consult your doctor before taking any decision, measure your testosterone level and then take any further actions according to your doctor’s suggestions.


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