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Réductil (sibutramine)

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Reductil is a well-known appetite suppressant, used in medicine but also for weight loss or by athletes. Here are some explanations and information.


The Reductil in 2016

Reductil is a drug that causes a decrease in appetite and a feeling of “more hunger”, which results in a decrease in food intake. This product is used mainly in the treatment of nutritional obesity and sometimes in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. It would reduce the weight of obese people by about 5%.

Its action on the brain process inhibits neurotransmitters and acts directly on appetite reduction.



Marketing of Reductil

This drug was first approved in the USA in 1997. It was then distributed locally under the Sibutramine name.

Its marketing authorization in Europe dates back to 1999, where it had different names like Sibutral, Meridia, Reductil etc…

France approved it in 2001, and it will be sold there under the name Sibutral.

The reductant is easily found on the Internet (see our sources on this subject).


The effects of Reductil

These “appetite suppressant” capsules of 10, 15 or 20 mg should always be taken with water at the same time, since they act directly on the brain at the level of the feeling of hunger. Reductil Sibutramine should be taken under strict medical supervision.

This medication has a definite advantage in the treatment of obesity or weight loss, as the sensation of hunger is reduced, as well as satiety. The treatment of overweight is easier when accompanied by a suitable diet and regular physical activity.

The body will therefore quickly find its ideal weight and a more appropriate body mass index. This is also why some sportsmen buy this product for sports where fat mass must be kept to a minimum.

For some it is a question of maintaining a weight category, for others it is a question of limiting weight gain by gaining mass, and for others it is a question of quickly regaining a healthy weight.

In some competitions the muscle mass is noted on the visual, and the fat must not cover the muscles, so they must be as prominent as possible for the eyes of the jury. This is the case of body building competitions for example.

Many women also use these appetite suppressant pills with the aim of regaining their “figure”, with a seasonal peak in spring, a little before the holidays and the swimsuit period. They buy this product online, to make their slimming cycle.



Side effects of Reductil

However, a number of adverse reactions have been reported in relation to the use of this “appetite suppressant” drug, Reductil containing these molecules. These effects can be serious, ranging from dry mouth, nausea, dizziness, insomnia or sweating, but also tachycardia or constipation, palpitations and also what is more serious, high blood pressure.

It is therefore essential to be aware of your history when taking this type of product, whatever your reason, and to do so under medical supervision or under the supervision of professionals.

If you find it difficult to keep a diet, Reductil is the product you need!


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