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Reductil (sibutramine)

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Reductil is a well-known appetite suppressant used in medicine, sports and for weight loss. Here is a little explanation and information.



Reductil is a drug that reduces appetite and the feeling of “hunger” to encourage eating less food. This product is used mainly in treatments for nutritional obesity and sometimes type 2 diabetes. It reduces about 5% of obese weight.

Its impact on brain processes inhibits neurotransmitters and acts directly to reduce appetite.


Marketing Reductil

This drug was first authorized for the US market in 1997. It was then distributed locally as Sibutramine.

It was released in Europe in 1999, where it had different names like Sibutral, Meridia, Reductil, etc…

France authorized it in 2001, and it was sold under the name Sibutral.

Reductil is easy to find on the Internet (see our sources).



Reductil’s Effects

These 10mg, 15mg or 20mg “appetite suppressant” pills should always be taken with water at the same time, because they act directly on the brain’s sensation of hunger. Reductil Sibutramine should be taken under strict medical supervision.

This medication has a definite advantage for obesity or weight loss treatments, since it reduces hunger and improves satiety. It is easier to treat those who are overweight by including a proper diet and regular physical activity.

Therefore the body will quickly find its ideal weight and appropriate body mass index. This is also why athletes buy this product for sports where fat must be kept to a bare minimum.

For some it’s a matter of staying in a weight category, for others it’s to limit weight gain while bulking, and for still others it’s to quickly return to a healthy weight.

In some competitions, muscle mass is visually important. The should be as prominent as possible – and not covered by fat – for the eyes of the judges. Such is the case in bodybuilding competitions.

Many women also use these appetite suppressants with the goal of improving their “figure”, typically during spring, just before swimsuit season. They get this product online for their slimming regimen.


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Reductil’s Side Effects

However a number of undesirable side effects have been observed from “appetite suppressants”, including Reductil. These effects may be serious, ranging from dry mouth to nausea, dizziness, insomnia or sweating, tachycardia or constipation, heart palpitations, and most seriously, high blood pressure.

Therefore whatever your reason for taking this product, it is essential to be conscious of your medical history, take it under medical or professional supervision and particularly not to self-medicate without strict and rigorous monitoring.

If you have trouble sticking to a diet, Reductil is the product for you!


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