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12 month Kumail Nanjiani Steroids for a Vascular body

by WikiStero.com

Stunning images of the physical transformation of popular Pakistani-American actor Kumail Nanjiani has been flooding the Internet some months now. The actor himself posted a topless image of himself on Instagram showing off his impressive physique.

But what was even more impressive was that he was able to achieve his six-pack, vascular body in just 12 months and according to Grant, his personal trainer, he did it with only a strict training program and dietary plan.

Now while many of his fans would probably fall for this explanation and think nothing of it, those in the bodybuilding community like myself, sense that this may not be entirely true. The truth is, Kumail Nanjiani is in his 40’s and had NOT previously displayed a body that had the genetic potential needed as the baseline for a Mr. Universe physique.

Now let’s examine the facts, shall we…


Kumail Nanjiani Training Facts:

1. Impressive Weight Gain, Body Fat Reduction and Contractile Tissue

According to his trainer, Kumail Nanjiani started off his training with a weight of 150 Ib (68 kg) and had a 20 percent (%) body fat which is equivalent to about 120 Ib (approx. 54.4 kg) of muscle mass. However, within a period of just 12 months, Kumail Nanjiani had seen his body weight increase by 24 Ib (11 kg) to 174 Ib (approx. 79 kg) and watched his body fat reduced by 10 percent (%).

As a matter of fact, in just a mere 12 months, he had achieved about 156.6 Ib (approx. 71 kg) of muscle mass with nothing other than a rigorous training and dietary program. Grant had gained a reputation as a celebrity trainer and even worked with Hillary Swank, preparing her for work on the multi-award winning Clint Eastwood movie, “The Million Dollar Baby”.

In addition to an impressive weight gain and body fat loss in just 12 months, Kumail Nanjiani also “naturally” gained about 36.6 Ib (approx. 17 kg) of pure contractile tissue in that length of time. I find it very hard to believe that Kumail’s transformation is solely down to effort in the gym and a good diet. But don’t get me wrong, there’s no doubt that Kumail put in a lot of hard work in the gym (and credit to him), but to achieve his weight gain, body fat reduction and contractile tissue gain in a short space of time without the help of steroids, is truly hard to believe.



2. Kumail Nanjiani Steroids – My Suspicion!

While I am 100% certain that Kumail was placed on a steroid cycle , I am not 100% certain of the stack of steroids he must have used. However, judging by his vascularity, the body fat loss, weight and contractile tissue gain, I suspect that Kumail Nanjiani Steroids consisted of Test (as the base steroid) and Tren.

Well, if I wanted to achieve a body like he has in a limited time frame and just in time for a starring role in the Marvel Comics Eternal project, I would at least use these two drugs. Tren is great for running a cutting cycle and offers users the lean muscle mass tone that Kumail shows in his still photos. Tren will also aid repartitioning of body fat giving Kumail the fuel needed to run an intense training program while being on a strict diet.



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In Closing

Like I said before, I cannot be too sure about the steroid stack Kumail was on, but I can almost bet that he used Test being the base with Tren amongst other anabolic steroids. There is no way that a 40 plus year ago person with no genetic predisposition would achieve all that he did in only 12 months without steroid use. However, Kumail Nanjiani Steroids will remain a mystery as I doubt he would openly admit to using any performance enhancers, but like I often say to my colleagues, “we know, what we know!”

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