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Is HGH The Proverbial Fountain of Youth?

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 – A Review of Dr. Richard Gaines book (Restoring Youth: The New Science of Human Growth Hormone Therapy)Science Is the Miracle to Eternal Youth!

The quest for eternal youth is nothing new. In the early 16th century, the famous explorer from Spain – Juan Ponce de Leon was known to have sought out the fountain of youth in Miami, Florida.

But while Juan Ponce de Leon was hell bent on finding a miraculous stream of life giving water, modern day fountains of youth explorers like Dr. Richard Gaines are relying on the application of science in solving the age-old quest for immortality.

Indeed science is the new age miracle to finding the fountain of youth! Dr. Richard Gaines aptly explains in his book (Restoring Youth: The New Science of Human Growth Hormone Therapy) why he strongly believes that human growth hormone therapy is the long awaited science for restoring youth.


Who Is Dr. Richard Gaines?

After graduating in 1981 from the Boston University School of Medicine, Dr. Richard Gaines would go on to Tufts University School of Medicine where he would complete his internship and for his residency, he would attend the prestigious Harvard Medical School.

In 2005, Dr. Richard Gaines founded ‘HealthGAINS’ where he is currently the President as well as Chief Medical Officer of the renowned age management practice.

However, before establishing ‘HealthGAINS’, Dr. R. Gaines had earned a reputation for his expertise in bioidentical hormone therapy, a practice he had been into since the early 1990s.

Today Dr. Richard Gaines is a world renowned expert in the groundbreaking science of human growth hormone therapy and age management. His book titled – ‘Restoring Youth: The New Science of Human Growth Hormone Therapy’ is a culmination of over three decades of research into this ever evolving science.



What to Expect from Dr. Richard Gaines Book

The 228 paged book of Dr. Richard Gaines consists of seven chapters that take readers through a journey of discovery. ‘Chapter 1‘ consists of nine sections and starts off with an ‘Introduction to Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy‘ (pg. 1).

This 44 paged chapter provides a brief ‘History of Growth Hormone Use’ (Section 1, pgs. 2 to 4), then enlightens readers on ‘HGH and Hollywood’ (pgs. 5 to 7), stating how notable A-list movie stars and celebrities like Jane Seymour, Nick Nolte, Sylvester Stallone and many others openly profess to the efficacy of HGH in restoring youth.

As you enter into ‘Section 3’ of the book, you will learn of ‘The Benefits of Growth Hormone’ (pgs. 8 to 16). ‘Section 4’ explains ‘How HGH Levels are Tested’ (pgs. 17 to 22) while in ‘Section 5’, Dr. Richard Gaines gives readers an insight into safely ‘Using Growth Hormone’ (pgs. 23 to 27).

Like most medications and treatments there are possible side effects that HGH therapy patients can come to expect. As you read through ‘Section 6’ of this book you will get answers to the question of – ‘What are the Side Effects?’ (pgs. 28 to 33) of HGH replacement therapy.

‘Section 7’ brings you to the financial aspect of HGH replacement therapy by answering the question – ‘How Much Does HGH Cost?‘ (pgs. 34 to 37). In ‘Section 8’, you will be provided with information on ‘Buying Human Growth Hormone’ (pgs. 38 to 43).

Before ‘Chapter 2’ begins, the last section (Section 9) of ‘Chapter 1’ seeks to explain the legality of HGH use by asking the question – ‘Is HGH Legal?’ (pgs. 44 to 46).

Chapter 2‘  of ‘Restoring Youth’: The New Science of Human Growth Hormone Therapy’ is titled ‘Related Hormones’ (pg. 47). This chapter gets into the nitty-gritty of HGH as it relates with other hormones. There are eight sections in this chapter each with subtitles as follows:

  • Testosterone and HGH‘ (Section 1, pgs. 48 to 52),
  • ‘Thyroid Hormone and HGH’ (Section 2, pgs. 53 to 54),
  • ‘Cortisol and Adrenal Fatigue’ (Section 3, pgs. 55 to 56),
  • ‘Insulin-Like Growth Factor’ (Section 4, pgs. 57 to 59),
  • ‘GHRH and Sermorelin’ (Section 5, pgs. 60 to 62),
  • ‘Other Hormones and HGH’ (Section 6, pgs. 63 to 66),
  • ‘HGH Secretagogues’ (Section 7, pgs. 67 to 73),
  • ‘How to Boost HGH Naturally’ (Section 8, pgs. 74 to 78),

At the end of ‘Chapter 2’, readers would have understood the correlation between HGH and other hormones in the body.

Chapter 3‘ of Dr. Richard Gaines book is titled ‘HGH Therapy for Men‘ (pg. 79). This chapter comes with five sections that focus on how HGH replacement therapy affects male users. The sections in this chapter include:

  • ‘Men and Comprehensive HRT’ (Section 1, pgs. 80 to 85),
  • ‘HGH Benefits for Men’ (Section 2, pgs. 86 to 88),
  • ‘HGH and Andropause’ (Section 3, pgs. 89 to 93),
  • ‘Adrenal Fatigue in Men’ (Section 4, pgs. 94 to 98),
  • ‘Men: Is HGH Right for You?’ (Section 5, pgs. 99 to 101).



Human Growth Hormone Therapy is not only good for men, but women can also benefit greatly from its powers of restoration. It is therefore fitting that ‘Chapter 4‘ is titled – ‘HGH Therapy for Women‘ (pg. 102).

This chapter has eight sections dedicated to women and the effects of HGH therapy.  The final section in this chapter is an interesting read, as it tells the story of the experiences of a woman who decided to take a leap of faith by using HGH.

The sections under this chapter consist of the following subtitles:

  • ‘Women and Comprehensive HRT’ (Section 1, pgs. 103 to 109),
  • ‘HGH Benefits for Women (Section 2, pgs. 110 to 113),
  • ‘HGH and Menopause’ (Section 3, pgs. 114 to 121),
  • ‘Low Thyroid Syndrome in Women’ (Section 4, pgs. 122 to 127),
  • ‘Adrenal Fatigue in Women’ (Section 5, pgs. 128 to 130),
  • ‘Women and Bioidentical Hormones’ (Section 6, pgs. 131 to 135),
  • ‘Women: Is HGH Right for You?’ (Section 7, pgs. 136 to 138),
  • ‘One Woman’s Story’ (Section 8, pgs. 139 to 141).

As you begin reading ‘Chapter 5‘ titled – ‘Choosing the Right HRT Provider‘ (pg. 142), you are taken through three sections committed to providing you with all the ‘Things to Know‘ (Section 1, pgs. 143 to 149) about choosing the right HRT provider.

You are also provided with basic information ‘About HealthGAINS‘ (Section 2, pgs. 150 to 154) and also with answers to ‘FAQs Frequently Asked Questions‘ (Section 3, pgs. 155 to 160) about Dr. Richard Gaines age management practice.

Chapter 6‘ is titled – ‘Clinical Research‘ (pg. 161) and this chapter is made up of six sections consisting of the following subtitles:

  • ‘What Doctors Say’ (Section 1, pgs. 162 to 164),
  • ‘General Health’ (Section 2, pgs. 165 to 167),
  • ‘The Brain’ (Section 3, pgs. 168 to 170),
  • Weight Loss‘ (Section 4, pgs. 171 to 172),
  • ‘Anti-Aging’ (Section 5, pgs. 173 to 174),
  • ‘Article (Reprint)’ – Low T and Growth Hormone (Section 6, pgs. 175 to 178)

The final chapter provides readers with information on the product, information on illegal HGH, HGH supplements and other related content. ‘Chapter 7‘ is titled -‘Product Information‘ (pg. 179) and this chapter consists of seven sections as follows:

  • ‘FDA-Approved HGH’ (Section 1, pgs. 180 to 183),
  • ‘Illegal HGH’ (Section 2, pgs. 184 to 187),
  • ‘Related HGH Hormones’ (Section 3, pgs. 188 to 192),
  • ‘Rx HGH Peptides‘ (Section 4, pgs. 193 to 195),
  • ‘HGH Oral Peptide Secretagogues’ (Section 5, pgs. 196 to 198),
  • ‘Homeopathic HGH’ (Section 6, pgs. 199 to 200),
  • ‘HGH Supplements’ (Section 7, pg. 201)



In Conclusion

 In his book (Restoring Youth: The New Science of Human Growth Hormone Therapy), Dr. Richard Gaines pretty much eradicates the general misconceptions and myths surrounding Human Growth Hormone.

With time tested research and clinical trials on hormone replacement backed up with decades of experience and practice in age management science, Dr. Richard Gaines book is a must-read for any one (male or female) wishing to defy nature by slowing down the aging process to appear forever young.

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