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Spartan Race, the challenge of the titans

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Do you want to live a unique sporting experience? Do you dream of surpassing yourself, putting your body to the test and surpassing your limits?

Enter the Spartan universe. Join the warrior community and get ready to take on your Spartan Race challenge!

An extraordinary discipline, testing body and mind, brought together at each new event, novice and experienced enthusiasts, from the four corners of the planet. Let’s travel together in the Spartan Race.


What is the Spartan Race?

Spartan Race is a unique concept of obstacle course, available all over the world. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, the Spartan Race adventure is aimed at all levels of physical condition.

World leader in the field, Spartan Race has developed an organization that is both very professional with its category competitions and its world ranking, and both fun and playful since you can come and run alone or with friends.

Spartan Race is truly a testing experience for your body and mind. An awakening of all your senses.

With Spartan Race, you finally have at your disposal a terrain strewn with obstacles, the most unimaginable, to measure your resistance, your endurance and your strength. As you progress in the race, you will even find yourself developing certain qualities and movements in your body that you did not even imagine yourself capable of.

And the coolest thing about this concept is that each Spartan Race remains unique. No two races are alike.

But beware, although fun, the Spartan Race incorporates all the elements of a sporting discipline. It has its codes, its own regulations. Each race is timed, with the presence of referees at each obstacle. The classification is made at several levels: local (on the race itself) and world, for each category.



Live the Spartan Race experience as a team or solo:

Open-minded, you have the opportunity to experience the Spartan Race adventure either alone or with friends.

If you decide to run as a team with your friends or office colleagues, you will face the race together. You can then share the Burpees. Distributing the obstacles, each one gives his best for the success of the group.

If you prefer to go it alone, then you will have to rely only on your own moral and physical strength to overcome your Spartan Race challenge.


What are the types of races?

The Spartan Race brings together three types of races. Each has its own rules that each participant must follow.

The Spartan Sprint This 6 km race focuses on speed, not endurance. During the race, you will encounter about twenty obstacles. Perfect for beginners who want to start with a short distance and minimal obstacles.

The Spartan Super : On a higher level than the Spartan Sprint, the Spartan Super will call on your mental and physical resources. A Quite demanding race, with its course that takes place over more than 13 kilometers with twenty-five obstacles to overcome.

The Spartan Beast : The most straining of Spartan races. Its circuit of more than 20 kilometers and 30 obstacles is tough or even brutal. A real challenge.

And for those who can’t get enough, Spartan Race offers them endurance races.

  • The Ultra Beast stretches over 42 kilometers with 60 obstacles to overcome: more than a baptism of effort, the Ultra Beast represents a real initiatory ritual of passage. Even with your intense training, you may be surprised by the ordeal.
  • The Hurricane Heat will plunge you directly into another dimension, appealing to “The philosophy of the warrior”. You will understand that alone you are simply nothing. Real collective test, from 3 to 4 hours of exhausting team building. True brotherhood, the Hurricane Heat opens the doors of a networking group very closed to participants who have taken up the challenge.
  • The Hurricane Heat 12 hours: if the first Hurricane called for teamwork, collaboration. Here you will find yourself alone for 12 hours. 12 hours where your mental, intellectual and physical capacities will be put to the test. The Hurricane Heat 12 Hours will test your ability to follow and engage.
  • The Agogé Spartan : the pinnacle of Spartan culture. Real learning through a training program in total immersion, the Agogé Spartan will forge your body, your mind and your brain. The Agogé Spartan, in 60 hours will teach you:
    • Resilience: knowing how to master the stress and adversity of our contexts
    • To set yourself a clear goal in life
    • To commit to a healthy life, having meaning in action
    • To acquire new knowledge through experience



How to participate ?

If you want to test yourself and try the Spartan Race adventure, go to www.spartanrace.fr and look for the next race near you.

On http://www.spartanrace.fr/en/race/find-race you will find all the races scheduled for this year and the next year, worldwide! So if you have decided to spend your vacation in the United States or China, for example, nothing prevents you from registering for the Spartan Race of those countries.

Then you register and choose your category.

The Spartan Race offers three categories:

  • The Elite reserved for high level athletes. There they will compete against the best athletes in the discipline and select themselves for the European and World Championships. The application of the rules is strict and its non-observance will lead to penalties or even disqualification.
  • The Competitive, intermediate category between professionals and novices
  • The Open is as its name indicates open to all. Whether you are an experienced sportsman or a beginner, alone or in a team, you will follow the same course as the previous categories.


The obstacles :

We are always curious about what the obstacles that we will have to overcome may look like. On the site, you will find the obstacle rules with their description.

The Spartan Race features multiple attempt obstacles and single attempt obstacles.

Some examples of obstacles to a single attempt:

  • The Monkey Bars : you will have to cross rings using only your hands and manage to touch the bell. Your feet will not be allowed to touch the ground or the structure.
  • The Spear Throw : you will have to throw javelins and make them penetrate the target
  • Log Hop : you will learn to walk through several posts without touching the ground
  • The Dip Walk : You will move among several obstacles using only the strength with your arms and your hands.

Many obstacles await you around the corner. You will have to show courage and perseverance to be able to face them and overcome them.



They lived it:

Christian: “A crazy story. The concept is a bit crazy. There is a bit of apprehension, because we discover a longer course, obstacles that we do not expect. But a beautiful unforgettable experience. “

Elise: “Spartan Race allows us to constantly push our limits. To be confronted with oneself. To be alone, in the face of the effort. But we feel so alive, at the top! “

Claude: “I wanted to surpass myself, to surprise myself. In the end, lots of adrenaline and lots of mud! “

As soon as you enter the universe of the Spartan Race, you will discover a universe of passion where runners have the niac, courage. A real challenge for your body and soul, coated in mud, but so exciting. You come out stronger mentally and physically.

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