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What are the Risks of Anabolic Steroid use in Teens?

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Steroid medicine is not just used by adults looking to enhance their physical appearance during bodybuilding, but steroid medicine like testosterone steroids injection may be prescribed by a qualified physician to teens suffering from hypogonadism. Delayed puberty in teens can also be a medical reason why steroids injection may be a necessary treatment option.

However, when it comes to teens using anabolic steroids pills for bodybuilding, then they expose themselves to a number of health risks. Teenagers are at a stage where their bodies are still developing with several developmental hormones like testosterone being secreted into their bloodstream in relatively high amounts.

By using androgenic-anabolic steroids as teens, the level of anabolic hormones like testosterone will be raised to unusually high levels that could result in a myriad of side effects and health risks.

This guide exposes some of those risks that teens may be exposed to when they use anabolic steroids.


II. What are Steroids and What are Steroids used for?

Steroid medicine consists of artificially created steroid hormone drugs that are developed to mimic the properties, functions, and effects of naturally occurring hormones in the body.

Most commonly used steroid medicine drugs are made to provide the body with the anabolic effects of testosterone. Testosterone is the principal male sex hormone that is responsible for the development of distinct male characteristics, such as: the development of pronounced skeletal muscle and bone structure, the growth of body as well as facial hair, and the development of a strong masculine voice.

Anabolic steroids were originally created to help in treating a series of medical conditions. However, it is in bodybuilding and performance-enhancement that most people tend to associate with the use of anabolic steroids.

In bodybuilding, steroids pills and steroids injection are used during training programs which could be for a bulking or a cutting program. Steroid medicine is used to gain body weight or to reduce body fat, bodybuilders also use steroids to improve their athletic performance by building their muscle strength, overall endurance, stamina, and energy levels.

Though androgenic-anabolic steroids remain a controlled substance in many countries like the U.S, and steroids are not available for use without a doctor’s prescription, you can still have access to steroids by buying from online steroid stores.



II. Why Do People Take Steroids?

Apart from using steroid medicine for medical related reasons, steroids pills and injections are used by teenagers, young adults, and matured people alike for the following bodybuilding reasons:


#1. Gaining Body Weight:

Steroids are used to gain body weight. The increased testosterone level in your bloodstream will help with increasing your metabolism and raising your appetite. With a heightened appetite, you tend to eat more (make sure you eat healthy meals) and gain weight in the process.


#2. Skeletal Muscle Growth:

The anabolic properties of steroids is capable of promoting skeletal muscle growth. Steroids promote increased protein synthesis within your skeletal muscle tissue which leads to muscle growth. Steroids pills like Anavar will give you lean and dry muscle growth.


#3. Increased Bone Density:

Another anabolic effect of steroid use is the increment in bone density. Steroids will promote a bigger, stronger bone structure in users.


#4. Enhanced Energy Levels:

Steroid medicine will increase the production of hematocrit (i.e. the volume of red blood cells) and haemoglobin (i.e. the protein in your red blood cells) in your body. This means that the oxygen supplied to all your organs and muscle tissue will be enhanced.

With more oxygenated blood in your muscles, you will have more muscle energy which enables you to spend more time working out. In addition, your stamina as well as endurance level will also be enhanced.


#5. Rapid Recovery from Muscle Injury:

Steroid medicine will aid the quick healing of damaged skeletal muscle tissue. As mentioned before, steroids promote increased protein synthesis in the muscles which help with the regrowth of torn muscle fibres.


Steroid result


III. Side effects of Steroid Medicine

There are many side effects associated with the use of steroids. These side effects are common amongst teens, young adults and fully grown adults. Side effects may be mild or they may be severe in nature depending on your body weight, gender, age, dosage, cycle duration, and also frequency of steroid use.

The most common side effects of androgenic-anabolic steroid medicine include: Acne, Nausea, Headaches, Vomiting, Diarrhoea, Bloating, Male pattern baldness, Insomnia, Infertility, Liver toxicity, Menstrual cycle irregularity, Gynecomastia, Thyroid dysfunction, Anxiety, Depression, and Roid Rage.


IV. Common Steroid Medicines used by Teens

There are many steroids that are used by teens, but these five are the most common:

  • Anavar:

    Anavar is an oral steroid medicine that is used by teens who want to have dry, vascular muscles. This hepatotoxic steroid raises testosterone levels and can cause infertility if misused, although the infertility health problem is totally reversible. Anavar is available in the blackmarket or on online pharmaceutical companies and steroid stores.

  • Anadrol:

    This is another oral steroid that is commonly used by teenagers. This steroid will build lean muscle tissue as well as increase bone density. Like Anavar, Anadrol is hepatotoxic which means that it is metabolised by the liver and can be detrimental to the liver if liver protective medications are not used along with the drug. Apart from not using liver protection drugs with Anadrol, teenagers can endanger the health of their liver if they abuse or misuse this steroid. Virilization is also a genuine concern with female users.

  • Dianabol:

    Dianabol is also one of those steroids pills used by teenagers wishing to bulk up. However, Dianabol is known to aromatize and will convert to the female sex hormone known as estrogen. Using Dianabol can cause feminization in male users characterised by the development of male boobs.

  • Winstrol:

    Just like Anavar and Anadrol,Winstrol is also metabolised by the liver, although the hepatotoxicity of this steroid is mild . Winstrol is great for losing excess weight and in building skeletal muscle tissue. Winstrol can also aromatize when this oral steroid is used.

  • Testosterone:

    Testosterone is a steroids injection that is now gaining popularity amongst teenagers who are not shy of using needles. Testosterone offers users a lot of anabolic benefits like weight and muscle gains. However, testosterone also converts to estrogen when used which can cause side effects like gynecomastia in male testosterone users.




It is not advisable for teenagers to use unprescribed steroid medicine. It is absolutely dangerous to their health, since they are still growing and maturing.

In addition, teenagers can’t be trusted to maintain the discipline needed when running a steroid cycle. Steroids should only be used by young adults (over the age of 18 years).

The side effects of steroid medicine in teens are likely to be more pronounced because of their age and body weight. Teenagers on steroids need to be admitted into a rehabilitation clinic for substance abuse in order to help them recover both physically and psychologically from an extended period of steroid use.

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