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Pay for your anabolics by credit card!

by WikiStero.com

Bitcoin is one of the safest and most efficient payment methods available on the Internet. It is a decentralized virtual currency, allowing to make anonymous transactions, quickly and easily. Bitcoin protects not only the identity of the buyer, but also that of the seller. In fact, the system includes a “peer to peer” transaction system for secure exchanges. Regarding the the payment validation, it is usually done in less than an hour.

In addition, there are different ways to buy Bitcoins, such as deposit, credit cards and many others. However, buying Bitcoins by credit card is still the most popular.


The Benefits of Bitcoin for buying anabolic steroids:

Buying steroids with Bitcoins is both safe and hassle-free. Remember that Bitcoin’s greatest strength lies in the fact that it is decentralized and anonymous. Since steroids are banned in many countries, many people rely on Bitcoin to pay for their anabolic purchases in a discreet manner.

The other big advantage of Bitcoin for buying anabolic steroids remains its low transaction rate. In fact, it is less than 2%, while traditional companies take between 2 and 3% for each transaction made.

To make payments, we need a Bitcoin wallet, i.e. a virtual wallet.

From this wallet, we can then easily buy anabolic steroids with Bitcoins by following these simple steps:

  • First, choose the steroid(s) you wish to purchase, then place them in the shopping cart to see their total cost including shipping.
  • Then select the equivalent amount in Bitcoin of the amount of your order.
  • Then buy your Bitcoins via sites like paybis.com
  • Once you have Bitcoins in your wallet, pay for your purchases by choosing Bitcoin in the payment method offered in the order form.



What is Wikistero anyway?

Wikistero is a universal online encyclopedia that offers reliable and verifiable information about anabolic steroids, peptides. Currently, it is regularly used by, no less than 30,000 people who are looking for authentic information about steroids. It hosts more than a hundred articles and guides, of great quality in the field. Moreover, its contents are updated regularly.


Why do steroid stores prefer Bitcoin?

Most steroid sites use Bitcoin, to allow its customers to buy steroids anonymously. The purchase is secure and the online payment process with Bitcoin is relatively simple. But the main reason these sites are opting for Bitcoin is that funds can be transferred easily via peer-to-peer, without the intermediary of a bank or nationalized institution. This process guarantees the protection and anonymity of the seller and the buyer.


Bitcoin vs. other payment methods

Western Union / MoneyGram Vs Bitcoin

Sending money with Bitcoin is cheaper than with WesternUnion or MoneyGram. Indeed, the transaction fees with Bitcoin are still very low, compared to Western Union or MoneyGram.

Moreover, transferring funds with Bitcoin takes only a few minutes. It is then impossible to hack anything during the Bitcoin transaction process.
There are some disadvantages to using WesternUnion or MoneyGram. The main obstacle of these payment methods is the slow transfer of money from one account to another. Whereas if you use Bitcoin with Paybis, you can transfer money in less than an hour.



Wire transfer vs. Bitcoin:

Bank transfers are not as secure and anonymous as with Bitcoin. Banking systems allow you to receive payments from different types of accounts. But transactions remain susceptible to malicious misuse. Not to mention the high fees.

Bitcoin goes against the grain of these types of transfers by keeping all information private, not releasing any data to institutions or banks.


Using Paybis:

Paybis can help you when purchasing Bitcoins with a credit card. Paybis is a new payment system that includes a simple and fast verification system during the entire payment process.
Indeed, Paybis cares above all about the anonymity and security of its users. It is the kind of online bank that allows its users to pay anonymously, the products they want to buy. With this new system, the user will no longer need to take out his credit card to pay for his purchases. Payments will now be made through an online wallet.

So we tested Paybis for you and here is how it works.

  • First, register with Paybis and select “Credit Card”.Credit Card
  • Enter the amount of the order and click on “Start Transaction
  • Click on “Bitcoin Wallet” and verify your identity
  • Pay with your credit card and complete the transaction

It is easy and fast to buy anabolic products with Paybis. The motto “time is money” takes on its full meaning here. We are very lucky to be able to use this kind of payment.

Using Paybis, the order and payment validation process takes only a few minutes. All types of Visa and MasterCard are accepted by Paybis. The minimum transaction amount is $50, while the maximum is $5000.



Final verdict:

Bitcoin is a large network of possibilities. Indeed, it has multiple advantages compared to conventional transaction methods such as bank transfers and credit card payments.
Bitcoin is secure, safe and reliable, so it is currently the easiest way to make online purchases. In addition, it is completely anonymous and the transaction fees are quite low. With Bitcoin, you have finally found the most secure way to pay for your online purchases.


Rodney December 30, 2023 - 7:35 pm

Just letting you know that Paybis are declining payments to unapproved transactions, including to steroid companies. They claimed it was for security purposes but they were unable to communicate what the security purposes were and that no inquiry could be made on the reason. They sound as dystopian as Google.

Linda wales April 2, 2021 - 4:53 am

Hi just looking to buy some steroids online via credit card don’t know what bitcoins coins is thanks


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