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Administration: oral


1. Presentation of LIFTER :

LIFTER represents a clever blend of 4 powerful prohormones (Max LMG, Halodrol, Carbopol, Milk Thistle). It was developed by the famous Arcas Nutrition laboratory to help the body develop extreme muscle.



2- Composition of LIFTER :

LIFTER consists of the following three elements:

  • Max LMG: known as Methoxygonadiene was developed in the 1960s by the chemist Herchel Smith. It is a progestogen from group 19 – nortestosterone combined withlevonorgestrel. It represents one of the most powerful anabolic agents.
  • Halodrol: precursor of Turinabol, the prohormone Halodrol brings dry and hard muscles.
  • Carbopol: it will facilitate the absorption and assimilation of each component in the body.
  • Milk thistle: helps support liver function. It plays both a protective and detoxification role.


3. How LIFTER works:

Prohormones are inactive compounds derived from certain anabolic steroids. Sold in capsule form, the inactive compound becomes active upon ingestion. The absorption of the now active compound takes place during digestion, thanks to digestive enzymes.


4. LIFTER benefits:

Through its action, LIFTER will bring many benefits to the body :

  • Extreme volume gain
  • Development of firm and toned muscles
  • Performance improvement
  • Increase in endurance and resistance to effort



5. Side effects of LIFTER:

Prohormones represent inactive derivatives of anabolic steroids. Their properties become active after ingestion. Because of this mode of action, prohormones are safer alternatives to anabolic steroids for health reasons, as they will provide the same anabolic effects but with less pronounced side effects.

For LIFETR, the following side effects have been reported:

  • Increased blood pressure,
  • Insomnia
  • High cholesterol level
  • Increased aggression


6- The different uses ofLIFTER :

  • For a volume boost:

By its action on the cells, LIFTER will allowthe excessive development of the musculature. Very used by the American bodybuilders.

  • For force deployment:

LIFTER will provide additional strength for training.


7- Initiate a LIFTER cycle:

LIFTER is presented in capsule form, to be taken orally. No injectable form is available.

  • Recommended dosage :

The recommended dosage is to take 1 to 3 capsules per day.

  • Cycle time:

The cure lasts between 4 and 6 weeks, to obtain conclusive results.

  • MDT after a LIFTER cycle: is it useful?

A complete PCT is mandatory after a LIFTER treatment in order to restore natural hormone levels.

  • Results with LIFTER:

From the first week of the treatment, the results start to be visible. The musculature becomes denser and the gain in volume is spectacular.

However, the results vary from one person to another and according to the diet and training practiced.



8- Is LIFTER suitable for women?

Being inactive derivatives of anabolic steroids, which become active again after ingestion, there are risks of virilization. It is therefore not recommended that women use prohormones.

Other safer alternatives exist for women to sculpt their bodies, such as peptides and growth hormone.

LIFTER transforms the body in a very short period of time. It allows to obtain an unimaginable volume without the cure.

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