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Equipoise is one of the most popular performance enhancers and has strong similarities to testosterone. It’s a common mistake to compare Equipoise to the popular Nandrolone Deca-Durabolin, but “EQ” does not have the same nature and its action is different and doesn’t carry any progestogen side effects like Deca.

However Equipoise is an very versatile anabolic steroid and can be adpted to practically any cycle. Since it is generally well tolerated, it is high on the list of athletes’ favorite steroids!


History of Equipoise

Equipoise has the chemical name Boldenone Undecleynate. It was originally developed for horses, and got its name Equipoise from the word equestrian.

Often considered an veterinary steroid for hroses, Equipoise is a quality steroid but is not normally manufactured to be perfectly suitable for humans. Once developed, this steroid proved very effective for boosting lean mass and strength in horses.

And what works for horses works for humans as well. Originally the idea was to create a more slow-acting, long-lasting Dianabol, but it turned into a steroid more closely linked to testosterone than anything else.



Advantages of Equipoise

It’s a versatile steroid. Equipoise considerably increases nitrogen retention and protein synthesis, a trait shared with a number of other anabolic steroids, but this compound has other characteristics that are important to emphasize.

Equipoise if effective for releasing erythropoietin and many other hormones that enhance performance. Erythropoietin is responsible for producing red blood cells, which means that the user’s number of red blood cells will increase spectacularly.

It’s a slightly androgenic anabolic steroid, but Equipoise has an advantage that many athletes are also looking for: it stimulates appetite. Many athletes use this steroid in the off season to ensure that they eat all the calories they need for growth, which would otherwise be impossible to do.

Yes, Equipoise also plays a positive role on our overall metabolic function, allowing you to retain a good-looking physique despite the excess calories.

It’s not a dietary supplement but people who complement their diet with this steroid will be able to handle consuming more calories than the could without EQ.


sèche musculaire athlétique


When to Use Equipoise

As indicated, the steroid Equipoise is well suited for all cycles. For bulking, Equipoise will produce beautiful gains, but don’t expect to grow to a massive size. You will gain mass slowly, but it will all be lean tissue.

Men who use EQ also find that the strength boost is helpful, especially for off-season training.

While it is common to use Equipoise for bulking, it may be most useful during a cutting cycle, assuming that you can control your increased appetite and not eat too much…And it should be noted that it will affect everyone’s appetite differently.

EQ is well suited for a cutting cycle because it will preserve lean mass during a low-calorie diet and its ability to increase strength can be very useful.

In any case, regardless of your goal, EQ is always a good choice.


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