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Anadrol Dosages

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When using an anabolic steroid, you can’t just take it and wait for muscles to appear. You must know the correct dose for safely achieving your objectives.

This may be confusing for some, considering the contradictory points of view often found on the Internet and in gyms. However users experienced with various Anadrol doses find that it’s a fairly simple steroid to understand.

Anadrol almost always comes in 50mg tablets and most Anadrol doses are simply a 50mg pill per day. However this is not always the best dose, and in some cases it’s better to use a little less. We suggest that you determine what Anadrol dose is best for you.




Basic Anadrol Dose

For most men a 50mg dose of Anadrol per day is perfect. It’s a very common dose for beginners as well as experience anabolic steroid users. Such a dose will produce powerful mass and strength gains over a short period of time. It’s not uncommon to gain 20 pounds in 3-4 weeks.

Gaining up to 30 pounds is also common, always with 50mg/day. Most oral tablets are 50mg, which makes the standard dosage very powerful (one 50mg tablet per day).


Low Anadrol Dose

While 50mg per day is common, 25mg per day may often be enough for good mass gains. A 25mg dose of Anadrol is simply half of a 50mg tablet per day, and it is a safer dose for beginners.

Remember, Anadrol is not a steroid without side effects…The hormone Oxymetholone is very estrogenic, may trigger high blood pressure and cholesterol, and is very hepatotoxic (bad for the liver at high doses).

Lower doses of Anadrol may bring a better level of control, with beginning users concentrating more on their program while bringing big changes to their body. While you can’t gain 20 or 30 pounds with such doses, you should still be able to obtain significant gains as long as your workouts and diet are sustained.

Lower doses of Anadrol can also be very beneficial for bodybuilding cycles (cutting at the end of a cycle). A low dose of Anadrol at the end of a diet can help an athlete gain a little more muscle, just what’s needed before a competition.

Some users have trouble controlling water retention while using Oxymetholone like this, but 25mg doses of Anadrol per day are much more controllable than 50mg. If you get off to a good start, why not increase the doses?


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High Anadrol Dose

A 25-50mg dose of Anadrol per day will bring more Oxymetholone to most men than they could ever need. If you want to increase Anadrol doses and have handled it well at 25mg and 50mg, then you can consider exceeding 50mg per day.

However keep in mind that the higher the dosage, the greater the risk. Anadrol doses of 75-100mg per day may be taken by some users, but no athlete wants to surpass 100mg per day (two 50mg Anadrol tablets). Doses above 100mg per day considerably increase side effects, and studies have shown that they don’t generally produce better results.

Many users have often reported that Anadrol doses above 100mg per day significantly reduce appetite, which can make bulking extremely difficult.


Anadrol Doses and Cycle Duration

Regardless of your Anadrol doses (remember that a normal dose of this steroid is 50mg/day), no one should use it for more than 8 weeks.

In fact, most users should never exceed 6 weeks if they want to protect their health. Using it for more than 6 weeks typically brings few advantages in terms of growth, so there is no real reason to prolong its usage.

Many athletes notice the greatest results come in the first four weeks of use, once again regardless of the Anadrol doses.

So the ideal duration of an Anadrol cycle for most men is between 4 and 6 weeks. Such a length of usage is the safest and generally the most capable of producing the expected results.




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McDawg March 7, 2021 - 8:54 am

Keep in mind you may not really even need Nolva at all, it depends how anadrol affects you. I have a friend that runs 150mg of anadrol and has never had an issue. But if someone is concerned a preventive does of 10mg nolva per day will be more than enough.

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McDawg March 7, 2021 - 8:53 am

If one wishes to exercise proactively, the use of an aromatase inhibitor will not make any difference whatsoever as anadrol can not be converted into estrogen but again, acts in itself as estrogen. Your only mechanism of defence is the use of a SERM like Nolvadex to protect yourself from gyno. A dose of 10mg daily of Nolvadex should suffice for 50mg daily of Anadrol.

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McDawg March 7, 2021 - 8:52 am

You need to do more research SUKMAHCACK. Although Anadrol doesn’t convert to estrogen via the 5 alpha reductase enzyme it acts in itself like estrogen in the body. Still not fully understood why exactly but this is the case.

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sukmahcack January 22, 2021 - 8:30 pm

anadrol isn’t estrogenic, it’s dht derived. get it right.

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