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Deca-Durabolin Cycle

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A Deca-Durabolin cycle can be very exciting for most men. In the majority of cases, a Deca-Durabolin treatment is used during a bulking phase and the increase in muscle size is very appealing to most athletes.

This is not the only way to used this steroid, Deca-Durabolin has a place in some cutting cycles and is also commonly used by athletes who don’t want to gain mass or cut.

However a standard Deca-Durabolin cycle supports muscle mass gains.

For many men, planning a steroid cycle can be very unsettling and often complicated by wrong information that runs rampant on the internet and in many local gyms. However a Deca-Durabolin cycle is actually one of the easiest. With this in mind, we want to go over the various programs and help you develop a Deca-Durabolin cycle that works for you.

We recommend specific schedules here, but it is important that these are only standard guides and can slightly vary depending on the treatment and the user.

The Deca-Durabolin cycles presented here are meant to represent average usage, and the total doses and stacking methods can be adjusted to your individual needs.


Deca-Durabolin Bulking Cycle

How do you get big? How do you gain mass and muscle? Deca is a perfect answer to these questions. A bulking cycle with Deca-Durabolin is the most common usage among men. With this cycle, a simple stack of Deca-Durabolin and testosterone can easily give you the results you’re looking for.

It doesn’t matter what type of testosterone you choose to stack with Deca, all that matters is that your body gets enough testosterone to meet its needs.

It should be noted that high levels of testosterone are generally recommended during a bulking and muscle building cycle.

Large testosterone esters are also easier to use, like Testosterone Cypionate and Testosterone Enanthate.

Some may also find that additional steroids like Anadrol or Dianabol may be beneficial. In fact, the combination of Deca-Durabolin and Dianabol with some kind of testosterone is one of the oldest and most popular steroid cycles of all time. Important note: many mistakenly believe that other 19-nortestosterone (19-nor) steroids can’t be used with a Deca-Durabolin cycle because they will compete for the same receptors. We’re not going to go into an explanation of how receptors work, but this idea is false. Most of you will not need to use another 19-nor compound, but it can still be used.

We also hear sometimes that steroids like Equipoise can’t be used during a Deca-Durabolin cycle for similar reasons, and this is also untrue. Deca-Durabolin stacks rather well with most anabolic steroids.



Deca-Durabolin Cutting Cycle

A Deca-Durabolin cutting cycle is not normally based on Nandrolone, but Deca is the second compound of the stack. In a cutting phase, this steroid can be added to a cycle to help preserve muscle tissue, but it is most often taken as a supplement for its therapeutic effects.

If a Deca-Durabolin cycle is applied, especially if you are a competitive bodybuilder, it will be part of a specific stack or it will only be used for its muscle-hardening properties. This type of Deca-Durabolin cycle is not recommended for beginning steroid users.


Deca-Durabolin Cycle for Athletes

Any athlete can benefit from a Deca-Durabolin cycle. In most cases, a low dose of Deca-Durabolin is used jointly with another steroid that encourages strength gains and a low dose of testosterone to round out the stack.

It’s not rare for numerous athletes to use testosterone gels, but low dose injections are better.


Deca-Durabolin Cycle Examples

Here are some examples of Deca-Durabolin cycles for all purposes. We have provided two for the off-season, one is easy and one is more advanced. We have also included a Deca-Durabolin cycle for cutting, which is better suited to experienced steroid users than beginners.

Then we offer a cycle for enhancing athletic performance, but this Deca-Durabolin cycle – although effective – comes with a warning: if you are a tested athlete (anti-drug tests) this is not the Deca-Durabolin cycle for you.

Deca-Durabolin Bulking Cycle – Moderate

Week Testosterone Enanthate Deca-Durabolin Dianabol Arimidex
1 500mg/week 400mg/week 30mg/ed 0.5mg/eod
2 500mg/week 400mg/week 30mg/ed 0.5mg/eod
3 500mg/week 400mg/week 30mg/ed 0.5mg/eod
4 500mg/week 400mg/week 30mg/ed 0.5mg/eod
5 500mg/week 400mg/week 30mg/ed 0.5mg/eod
6 500mg/week 400mg/week 30mg/ed 0.5mg/eod
7 500mg/week 400mg/week   0.5mg/eod
8 500mg/week 400mg/week   0.5mg/eod
9 500mg/week 400mg/week   0.5mg/eod
10 500mg/week 400mg/week   0.5mg/eod
11 500mg/week     0.5mg/eod
12 500mg/week     0.5mg/eod


An example of a Deca + Test Enanthate pack for mass gain


Deca-Durabolin Bulking Cycle – Advanced

Week Testosterone Deca-Durabolin Dianabol HGH Arimidex
1 200mg/eod 500mg/week 50mg/ed 4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod
2 200mg/eod 500mg/week 50mg/ed 4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod
3 200mg/eod 500mg/week 50mg/ed 4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod
4 200mg/eod 500mg/week 50mg/ed 4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod
5 200mg/eod 500mg/week 50mg/ed 4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod
6 200mg/eod 500mg/week 50mg/ed 4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod
7 200mg/eod 500mg/week   4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod
8 200mg/eod 500mg/week   4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod
9 200mg/eod 500mg/week   4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod
10 200mg/eod 500mg/week   4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod
11 200mg/eod 500mg/week   4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod
12 200mg/eod 500mg/week   4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod
13 200mg/eod 500mg/week   4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod
14 200mg/eod 500mg/week   4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod
15 200mg/eod     4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod
16 200mg/eod     4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod


Deca-Durabolin Cutting Cycle (example 1)

Week Testosterone Enanthate Testosterone Propionate Deca- Durabolin Trenbolone Acetate Anavar HGH Arimidex
1 250mg/eod   200mg/week     4iu/ed 1mg/eod
2 250mg/eod   200mg/week     4iu/ed 1mg/eod
3 250mg/eod   200mg/week     4iu/ed 1mg/eod
4 250mg/eod   200mg/week     4iu/ed 1mg/eod
5 250mg/eod   200mg/week     4iu/ed 1mg/eod
6 250mg/eod   200mg/week     4iu/ed 1mg/eod
7 250mg/eod   200mg/week     4iu/ed 1mg/eod
8 250mg/eod   200mg/week     4iu/ed 1mg/eod
9   200mg/eod 200mg/week 100mg/eod   4iu/ed 1mg/eod
10   200mg/eod 200mg/week 100mg/eod 80mg/ed 4iu/ed 1mg/eod
11   200mg/eod 200mg/week 100mg/eod 80mg/ed 4iu/ed 1mg/eod
12   200mg/eod 200mg/week 100mg/eod 80mg/ed 4iu/ed 1mg/eod
13   200mg/eod   100mg/eod 80mg/ed 4iu/ed 1mg/eod
14   200mg/eod   100mg/eod 80mg/ed 4iu/ed 1mg/eod
15   200mg/eod   100mg/eod 80mg/ed 4iu/ed 1mg/eod
16   200mg/eod   100mg/eod 80mg/ed 4iu/ed 1mg/eod


Dry Weight Pack – SUSTANON / WINSTROL/ DECA – Euro Pharmacies


Deca-Durabolin Cutting Cycle (example 2)

Week Deca-Durabolin Winstrol HGH Testosterone Cypionate
1 200mg/week 50mg/eod 2iu/ed 150mg/week
2 200mg/week 50mg/eod 2iu/ed 150mg/week
3 200mg/week 50mg/eod 2iu/ed 150mg/week
4 200mg/week 50mg/eod 2iu/ed 150mg/week
5 200mg/week 50mg/eod 2iu/ed 150mg/week
6 200mg/week 50mg/eod 2iu/ed 150mg/week
7 200mg/week 50mg/eod 2iu/ed 150mg/week
8 200mg/week 50mg/eod 2iu/ed 150mg/week


  • Arimidex doses should be adjusted up or down according to your needs. Ensure that you maintain appropriate hormone levels. You can use Arimidex, Letrozole or Aromasin in addition.
  • Dianabol does not really need to be used in Deca-Durabolin bulking cycles, but has nevertheless been added to these examples for information purposes.
  • HGH (Growth Hormones) don’t really need to be used, but taking them to complement a Deca-Durabolin cycle will still be more powerful.
  • Testosterone Enanthate and Testosterone Cypionate can be interchanged.

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