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Anadrol 50

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Anadrol 50 is an oral anabolic steroid based on the active hormone Oxymetholone. Syntex Pharmaceuticals developed this medication in the 1960s, mainly to treat anemia and other symptoms of muscle atrophy. The product’s primary purpose is to increase muscle tissue volume, so it makes sense that it also improves athletic performance. The steroid Anadrol 50mg also increases lean mass and strength quickly and efficiently. But careful, the steroid Androlic’s efficiency/quantity ratio falls very quickly once the doses reach a certain point. When doses are too high, the positive effects diminish, risks increase and it may be difficult to have enough appetite to fuel the muscle growth in progress.


Understanding Anadrol 50

Oxymetholone 50mg is a C17 alpha-alkylated anabolic steroid from a powerful dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and is more commonly known under its commercial names Anadrol 50, Anadrol or Androlic.

Like all oral aa-C17 anabolic steroids, Anadrol 50 is very toxic to the liver and should only be used in the short term. Fortunately, this is a powerful steroid and short term usage is sufficient for beautiful results.The body soon adapts to its presence and changes quickly in terms of muscle growth and strength.

Those who use Anadrol 50 know that it acts quickly. In fact it moves so quickly that dramatic progress can be observed in very short periods of time compared to most other anabolic steroids, especially oral ones. It has a relatively short active life of about 8.5 hours and thus requires daily intake, sometimes twice a day.



Anadrol 50 Results

This steroid was conceived with the single goal of increasing muscle growth, and it is used by athletes around the world for exactly this reason. Anadrol 50 is one of the main bulking steroids on the market and is widely used as such. On the other hand, Anadrol 50 can also be used during a cutting cycle, especially in the demanding world of bodybuilding.

So this steroid has a key role in bulking: gaining up to 30 pounds in a few weeks with Anadrol 50 is quite common. Although gaining mass is already very compelling, this steroid is also known for dramatically increasing strength. Most athletes who take Anadrol 50 can expect to see their strength and perfomance improve signficantly.





Anadrol 50 Side Effects

As mentioned above, Anadrol 50 (nicknamed Drol) is very toxic to the liver and can often drastically increase liver enzymes, creating excessive stress that is not good for the body. Fortunately, the liver has quick and efficient self-healing properties. The vast majority of users will see their enzyme levels return to normal very quickly after they finish taking Anadrol (Androlic). However it must be taken responsibly. You should limit your Anadrol 50 intake to 4-6 weeks max, and keep your liver healthy at the end of the treatment. Anadrol 50 users are strongly encouraged to avoid any activity that is harmful to the liver, like frequent alcohol consumption, in order to cause stress for the liver as little as possible.

There are other side effects to know about Anadrol 50. Like most DHT-based anabolic steroids, Anadrol 50 does not aromatize, so at least you won’t suffer from most of the traditional negative side affects. Even though Oxymetholone doesn’t aromatize, estrogen levels will still significantly increase, possibly causing symptoms like gynecomastia, water retention, and high blood pressure. And to be clear, Anadrol 50 is perhaps the steroid most famous for causing excessive water retention. Cautious users can use an aromatase inhibitor to keep estrogen levels reasonable and counter possible adverse effects.



Using Anadrol

Before buying Anadrol 50, know that it should be taken as part of a cycle, not alone. Anadrol is generally part of a treatment that includes a stack (combination) of several other anabolic products. So it’s a good complement to your usual steroid consumption. Other steroids will be present, especially testosterone. Anadrol has low androgenic potency and thus can create a powerful synergy with other anabolic steroids present in the body at the same time. Moreover, as mentioned above, Anadrol 50 can benefit a bodybuilder in the last weeks of a program before competition. However this only works if you are in good shape and not prone water retention. You should also supplement its intake with an aromatase inhibitor. We repeat: only use Anadrol at the end of a bodybuilding program if you have already used it before and know its effects on your body. Also abide by the recommended doses of Anadrol 50…Don’t risk ruining months of hard work just before the competition!

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