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Anabolic DN

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Anabolic DN is rarely used outside of Australia. Anabolic DN is manufactured by the lab SYD, which has unfortunately received very mixed reviews on the Internet regarding its range of products.

Rather worying. This steroid was previously produced by Jurox under the name Dynabol (alluding to the famous Dianabol). Let’s first discuss Nandrolone before addressing the cypionate ester added to the formula instead of the more commonly used Decanoate ester (used with Deca-Durabolin).

First of all, Nandrolone does not produce estrogenic or androgenic side effects. This is because it has a very low aromatization level (conversion into estrogen due to the aromatase enzyme); roughly 20% the testosterone level.



Nandrolone is a very good anabolic, and a 100mg injection every two weeks significantly increases muscle mass. All Nandrolones are good anabolics for bringing slow but high quality muscle growth. But be careful, even at low doses (35mg per week) Nandrolone produces substantial nitrogen retention. Nandrolone is also known for improving collagen synthesis and increasing bone mineral content. D-anabol and Dianabol, known for causing quality weight gains, should be used for 12 weeks at a minimum. This should not pose a problem because the drugs are very gentle in terms of side effects, especially over this short period of time. Nandrolone Cypionate has a very long active life, around 8 days or more, but still a bit shorter than Nandrolone (Deca), which is much more common. Water retention may be observed; in this case, Letrozole is a good option for combating this side effects. Letrozole is ideal for 12-16 week cycles. In conclusion, we recommend injecting Anabolic DN with Cypionate at the same time (identical active lives).





Chemical Composition

  • (Nandrolone Base + Cypionate Ester)
  • Formula (base): C18 H26 O2
  • Formula (ester): C8 H14 O2
  • Manufacturer: SYD Groupe
  • Effective dose (Men): 200-600mg/week (2mg/lb de poids corporel)
  • Effective dose (Women): 50-100mgs/week
  • Active life: 8 days
  • Detection time: up to 18 months
  • Anabolic/androgenic ratio: 125/37

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