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Anavar Dosage

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Recommended doses of Anavar vary a bit from on individual to another, and this depends on many factors besides gender. Obviously, much lower Anavar doses are recommended for women since the product is much more efficient for them than for men.

In fact, the female athlete is much more sensitive to this hormone and will not need the same doses as a man. Here are our recommendations for the different ways to use Anavar and the appropriate doses.



Anavar Doses for Cutting

Anavar is undoubtedly most useful for athletes during cutting cycles and dieting. And Oxandrolone has proved to be the most effective for female athletes. Anavar is not only the most favorable steroid for women, it is very effective. Many women find that Anavar is the only steroid they need.

A typical dosage of Anavar for a female cutting cycle is often 10mg per day, which is enough to show good results. The dose will help reduce body fat while preserving muscle during a low-calorie diet and intensive athletic activity. In addition, it makes your physique appear more defined, strong, and easy to look at.

A female athlete can exceed 20mg per day to get even better results, since Anavar is generally well tolerated. However some women may start to show signs of virilization. Before a woman decides to increase Anavar doses beyond the recommended 10mg, she should first be comfortable with this initial dose and then increase doses by 5mg to 15mg per day for a period of time.

If this stage goes well and no side effects are observed, she can then move to 20mg per day.
The doses will be much higher for a male athlete who wants to use Anavar for cutting.

Cycles start from 50mg per day. Lower doses can be used, but don’t go below than 30mg. However many athletes may find this is ineffective and switch back to 50mg per day, which should more closely match their needs. While a 50mg dose of Anavar will have some impact, 80mg will be a much more effective dose and in most cases will lack side effects.

While women get solid results from an Anavar treatment, most men should use Anavar in a stack with other anabolic steroids for the best effect.

For a beach bodybuilder who cares about their summer physique, this steroid may be a good option. But in most other cases where the body’s appearance is of utmost importance, as for competitive bodybuilders, finding other alternatives may be more effective.



Anavar Dosages for Bulking

For a male athlete in a bulking phase, Oxandrolone is generally known for being a bad choice because it is not well-suited for large mass gains.

But make no mistake, this steroid can contribute to building quality lean muscle. Most men need around 80-100mg per day to get the best mass gains while taking Oxandrolone. But if you consider the price of the hormone, the overall cost/benefit ratio is rather low and it’s advised to use other steroids.

We can make an exception for the female athlete, for whom Anavar is an excellent product for mass gains. As you remember, women are much more sensitive to this hormone.




Layers of lean tissue can easily accumulate if you consume enough calories in your diet. In addition, water weight is not an issue with this steroid because each pound acquired is 100% pure lean muscle mass. As with the cutting cycle, 10mg of Anavar per day is a good starting point.

If a woman really wants to use 20mg, she needs a good understanding of the way her body reacts to 10mg before attempting higher doses. Since Anavar doses are low for women, this steroid is much more cost effective for them than for men.

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