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Anabolic Scam: Alleged bogus pharmacists face the costs

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anabolic scam

Four people were brought to justice on Friday 23 September and were charged on Saturday. These alleged traffickers illegally synthesized anabolics, testosterone or steroids and sold them in Parisian gyms.

Four suspected drug traffickers were investigated on Saturday 24 September. Their specialty? They controlled the entire supply chain, from production to sales. They relied on a network of retailers, athletic trainers who worked in dozens of gyms in Paris. They set up their secret laboratory in an apartment in Essonne in Île-de-France. They collected the basic chemicals and processed to manufacture steroids , anabolics and even testosterone.

Products “ extremely toxic


The narcotics division of the Parisian judicial police has seized € 60,000 and enough supplies to produce tens of thousands of pills and injectable products. The products were dangerous in two ways, explains Parisian narcotics chief Christophe Descoms, “ because of course they are extremely toxic, but mostly because they are manufactured outside of health regulations “by people” who have absolutely no medical, chemical or pharmaceutical expertise a “, he points out.

Many scammed customers have complained of serious health problems. But it seems they are willing to build their own muscle at any risk, even in this totally amateur sports world.


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