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Testosterone Propionate for Beginner Use In Gaining Muscle Mass Fast

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Bodybuilders looking for quick muscle mass gains often resort to using androgenic-anabolic steroids (AAS) and one of such steroids is Testosterone Propionate.

Indeed, Testosterone Propionate for beginner bodybuilders is on the rise in most countries and with propionate being a fast-acting form of Testosterone, it’s really no surprise why this is so.

Testosterone Propionate (Test P) is known to provide users with highly impressive muscle mass gains early on in the running of their Testosterone Propionate cycle.

These gains naturally propel others to gravitate towards using this AAS. But the quick absorption of this injectable steroid compound also means that users would have to frequently inject themselves in order to sustain optimal levels of exogenous Testosterone Propionate.

The problem with the frequent use of this injectable AAS is that it is known to be quite painful. As a matter of fact, users often report feeling rather sore after injecting Test P on their leg with many bodybuilders expressing concerns about the dead-leg feeling they have after use which leaves them with a temporary limp.

Nevertheless, Testosterone Propionate has proven over the years to be a quick and effective muscle mass gaining anabolic steroid.

In this post, we highlight the importance of Test P to bodybuilding, recommended cycle and dosage plans, benefits and possible side effects.

We will then conclude by comparing Testosterone Propionate with Cypionate: another type of testosterone ester used in bodybuilding.

But first, beginners may want to know a few things about the Testosterone hormone.


I. What Is Testosterone and Why Is It Important?

The human body naturally produces a number of hormones that play very important roles in the body and one of such hormones is testosterone. Testosterone can be found in both males and females, however, the level of the endogenous hormone in females is much lower than in males.

In males, testosterone is produced by the testicles while in females, the ovaries produce the hormone (in small amounts). The main role of testosterone in the human body is the promotion of physical growth and development. As such, endogenous testosterone production and levels are usually greater in adolescents and young adults than in fully grown adults.

In fact, experts reckon that testosterone levels are as much as 30 times more prevalent during childhood compared to adulthood with testosterone levels naturally dropping by up to one percent annually from the age of 30 years.

Testosterone is important in the following to the human body in the following ways:

  • promotes skeletal muscle growth
  • increases bone density
  • improves libido and sex drive
  • boosts general mood and enhances overall quality of life
  • increases facial, body, and even pubic hair
  • influences the deepening of voice
  • boosts brain functions including improved memory capacity and critical thinking ability

As you age, your natural testosterone level will drop. However, unusual low levels of testosterone otherwise called hypogonadism could be cause for serious concern with symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, a greater amount of body fat and a loss of skeletal muscle mass a common occurrence.

Your physician may place you on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) where moderate to high levels of exogenous testosterone is introduced into your body suppressing your body’s natural testosterone production while at the same time boosting your body’s testosterone levels.



II. Building Muscle Mass Using Testosterone Propionate for Beginner Bodybuilders

As a beginner bodybuilder, you can gain muscle mass quickly when you start using genuine Testosterone Propionate for sale from a trusted online source. Test P is a fast-acting testosterone ester with a very short time window of action of between 24 to 48 hours.

In this short window, you will witness tremendous muscle mass and strength gains. Moreover, the muscle mass gains experienced by users is devoid of huge water retention which is common in other mass building steroids.

Testosterone Propionate will leave you with dry, vascular, and denser muscle mass. Test P injections should be taken according to the recommended dosage by your physician and/or personal trainer, but typically every couple of days.

This means that you could have about 3 to 4 Testosterone Propionate injections in a week to complete your weekly dosage plan and maintain peak levels of this testosterone ester in your body.


III. Recommended Testosterone Propionate Dosage and Cycle Plan

Typically, the cycle and dosage plan of Testosterone Propionate for beginner bodybuilders will differ from that of intermediate and advanced level bodybuilders. The concentration of Test P commonly available in a 10ml vial presentation is 100mg per ml.

Here’s a breakdown of the cycle and dosage plan for all three levels of bodybuilders.

Beginner to advanced level bodybuilders should run an 8 to 10 week cycle with a Testosterone Propionate dosage of between 100mg to 400mg per week. With injections administered every other day (EOD) – that is every two or three days in a week.

Beginners should run a lower dosage on an 8 week cycle while the dosage used by intermediate and advanced bodybuilders can be on the higher spectrum, but with an understanding of the risks involved.

Also, Test P may be stacked with other AAS, but note that this can exacerbate the potential side effects.

Following a post-cycle therapy (PCT) protocol after your steroid use is advised, but note that you need to discuss this protocol ahead of time and before running your Testosterone Propionate cycle.

A daily dosage of between 20mg to 40mg of Nolvadex with fish oil (4mg per day) supplement is often recommended whenever you run a Testosterone Propionate cycle.

If you want authentic Test P, you can get these two from Pharmaqo Labs and Hilma Biocare today.

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Note that the Test P has a half-life of 2 days following each administration. This necessitates the need for you to inject this fast-acting steroid every two or three days in order to attain optimal Testosterone Propionate levels.



IV. The Benefits and Side Effects of Test P

Some of the benefits of running a Testosterone Propionate for beginner cycle include:

#1. Muscle Mass Gains

Beginner bodybuilders have reported gaining as much as 20Ib of muscle mass with their first time use of Test P. The good news is that this muscle gain is not enhanced by water retention, but is strictly lean muscle.

#2. Strength and Endurance Gains

To engage in high-interval intensity training you need lots of strength. Fortunately, Testosterone Propionate is capable of boosting your strength levels by increasing your red blood cell count and therefore the amount of oxygen flowing to your skeletal muscles which limits the build up of lactic acid in muscle tissue to enable you workout for a longer time period.

#3. Increased Bone Density

Test P promotes collagen production which is capable of giving you stronger ligament and tendons as well as increasing your bone density.

#4. Fat Loss

This is often not talked about, but Test P can promote fat loss by speeding up your metabolic rate and converting fat deposits into energy fuel that your body can fall back on during training.

While Testosterone Propionate is proven to be a tremendous AAS for bulking, it must be mentioned that there are some potential side effects to be wary of. These side effects include:

  • Male pattern baldness and hair loss caused by increased DHT levels
  • Acne
  • Oily skin
  • High cholesterol levels
  • High blood pressure
  • Increased risk of male boobs (gynecomastia)
  • Suppression of endogenous testosterone which can be resolved with a PCT protocol after running a Test P cycle


V. What’s the Difference Between Testosterone Propionate and Cypionate In Bodybuilding?

While Test P is a fast-acting testosterone ester, Cypionate is the exact opposite. The latter is a slow-acting ester similar to testosterone enanthate. Therefore rather than using Cypionate two to three times a week like in the case of Testosterone Propionate, you can administer Cypionate injection once in 4 to 5 days.

Also, while Test P offers bodybuilders quick bodybuilding gains like muscle mass and strength gains, Testosterone Cypionate gains are not immediate.

In terms of administration, bodybuilders comparing the two claim that using Cypionate injections is not as painful or as harsh as Test P injections.

Users also claim to experience less soreness, irritation and no dead-leg limp unlike what some Test P users experience.

The long term cost is also a difference between the two testosterone esters with Testosterone Cypionate offering long-term cost gains in comparison to Testosterone Propionate.

This is because while Test P may be cheaper in the short-run, the usual dosage is 100mg per ml while Cypionate is often 250mg per ml. Meaning that in order to complete an 8 week Test P cycle, you will need to buy more products in comparison with running a Cypionate cycle.

You can expect similar results from using Cypionate when compared to Propionate, but at a lesser cost outlay.

With Test P, you can expect quick results during the initial stage of your cycle, but with Cypionate, the active compound would need a bit more time to start producing results.



Final Thoughts

Testosterone Propionate is an effective mass building exogenous testosterone ester that can be taken alone or stacked with other AAS. This steroid is fast-acting providing quick strength and muscle mass gains early on in the duration of a cycle.

You can expect as much as 20Ib increase in muscle mass as a first time user with little or no water retention.

Cypionate is another exogenous testosterone ester that bodybuilders use for bulking, but unlike Propionate, this steroid is slow-acting, but offering just as much gains as Propionate only over the course of a cycle.

You can get genuine Testosterone Propionate online today while an IFBB PRO is on hand to help you along before, during and after your cycle.

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