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Name: Pumper

Dymethazine 15mg + Methylstenbolone 5mg + MAX LMG 20mg + HALODROL 15mg

Administration: oral


1. Presentation of PUMPER :

Pumper is a mixture of prohormones, developed by the famous laboratory Arcas Nutrition. This pre-training formula is ideal for developing exceptional strength. Pumper allows you toincrease your strength and endurance during your workouts, to surpass your goals in order to go beyond your limits and to sculpt a dream body



2. Composition of Pumper:

Pumper consists of several powerful prohormones:

  • Dymethazine This ultra-powerful prohormone is often compared to anabolic steroids for its anabolic effects on the body. However, it has the advantage of not causing any secondary reaction such as aromatization and will not have any impact on the liver. The chemical name of this substance is 17beta-hydroxy 2alpha, 17, beta-dimethyl 5alpha, androstan3-on azine
  • Methylstenbolone Ultradrol: also called Ultradrolor Msten, this prohormone is a derivative of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is very appreciated for its ability to develop muscle mass quickly, volume, but also strength. The user can gain up to 10 kilos with a cure of only 4 weeks.
  • Halodrol This prohormone is known for its ability to develop hard, lean muscles, promote vascularity and increase strength. The results are even visible from the second week of use.
  • Max LMG
    also known as methoxygonadiene, provides solid muscle gains, without any water retention. It also provides additional strength.


3. How Pumper works:

Pumper will provide additional strength for training, very quickly. Indeed, this mixture of prohormones has the ability to dissolve quickly in the blood and to spread through all areas of the body. So you can work any muscle, Pumper will give you the energy, strength and endurance to push your limits.


4. Benefits of Pumper:

With its ultra-powerful combination of prohormones, Pumper will bring many benefits to the body.

  • Rapid strength development
  • Improvement of endurance
  • Development of hard and dry muscles of good quality
  • No water retention



5- Pumperside effects:

Prohormones are inactive derivatives of anabolic steroids. Their properties become active after ingestion. Because of this mode of action, prohormones are safer alternatives to anabolic steroids for health reasons, as they will provide the same anabolic effects, but with less pronounced side effects.


6- The different uses of Pumper :

  • To build hard, long-lasting muscle:

By providing an extra level of strength to the body, the user will be able to train harder and therefore build muscle mass faster. In addition, some of Pumper’s compounds like MAG LMG will provide quality muscle without water retention.

  • To develop strength:

This is the main function of Pumper: to provide an extra level of strength during training, in order to push your own limits. This greatly improves performance.

  • To build endurance:

Pumper allows you to develop a longer and more intense effort.


7. Initiate a PumperCycle:

Pumper comes in capsule form, to be taken orally. No injectable form is available.

  • Recommended dosage :

It is suggested to take 1 tablet, 2 to 3 times a day.

  • Cycle time:

The cure lasts between 6 and 8 weeks, to obtain conclusive results.

  • MDT after a Pumper cycle: is it useful?

With no significant side effects, many users feel that post cycle therapy is not necessary. Nevertheless, professionals recommend a 4-week mini MDT as a precautionary measure to restore the natural functioning of the hormones.

  • Results with Pumper:

The extra strength is felt in the first week of using Pumper.

After 4 weeks of treatment, the results are visible in the development of muscle mass and increased endurance. However, the results vary from person to person and according to the diet and training practiced.



8- Is Pumper suitable for women?

Being inactive derivatives of anabolic steroids, which become active again after ingestion, there are risks of virilization. It is therefore not recommended that women use prohormones.

Other safer alternatives exist for women to sculpt their bodies, such as peptides and growth hormone.

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