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Phentermine or Reductil, which is more effective for weight loss?

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For some people, losing weight is a must for better health. However, losing weight has never been easy. Diets are often a source of frustration and most of the time they lead to a weight regain, accompanied by additional kilos, at the end of the diet. So, how to get a slim figure without having to suffer the yo-yo effect of dieting? In the medical treatment of obesity and overweight, professionals often prescribe certain slimming supplements. Are they however without impact on our health? Are they really effective? And finally, which one to choose? If there is a multitude of slimming supplements available on the market today, they do not all have the same effectiveness and above all their mode of action differs.To better understand what differentiates them, let’s compare two of the best appetite suppressants of the moment: Phentermine and Reductil.


1. Phentermine and Reductil: two appetite suppressants with specific actions

Phentermine is one of the oldest drugs used for the treatment of obesity. It was marketed in 1959 as a resin, then in tablet form in the 1970’s. As for Reductil, it was developed more recently by Abbott Laboratories in 1997. These two products are appetite suppressants that help reduce body weight. Clinical studies have attested to their effectiveness. However, even if both products act in the brain to regulate appetite, their mode of action differs. Indeed, Reductil will act directly on the neurotransmitters of satiety and thus transmit the feeling of satiety. Phentermine, on the other hand, will act on other neurotransmitters: the catecholamines. It will thus allow the release of dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenaline. This group of neurotransmitters will then be interpreted by the brain as a response to stress, which will consequently block the feeling of hunger. In short, Reductil will develop the feeling of satiety while Phentermine will block hunger.



2. The effectiveness of Phentermine and Reductil:

If both products allow a certified weight loss, the results will be as for them distinct.The characteristic of Phentermine is to act quickly. Phentermine works quickly and the user loses an average of 2 kilos per week, or about 8 kilos per month, without having to follow a strict diet or practice any physical activity.reductil, on the other hand, has a much softer effect on the body and leads to a loss of about 4 to 5 kilos per month. It should be noted, however, that the duration of treatment with Phentermine should not exceed 3 months, whereas Reductil can be taken for 6 months.


3. Specific side effects:

As Phentermine and Reductil do not act in the same way, the side effects on the body will also differ.Generally speaking, Reductil does not have any real side effects on the body if the doses are respected and the treatment is accompanied by a balanced diet and regular physical activity. However, during a low-calorie diet or in the presence of a proven sedentary lifestyle, the side effects will be an increase in blood pressure, the appearance of tachycardia, insomnia, or even dizziness. But these effects can obviously be avoided by respecting the treatment and a good lifestyle.

  • Appearance of Tachycardia caused by the release of adrenaline
  • Possible heart problems
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Affective disorders such as depression and anxiety
  • High blood pressure

In addition, prolonged use of Phentermine can lead to dependence on the product, without generating additional results. Reductil has practically no negative impact on health. However, due to its powerful action, Phentermine can cause effects that require vigilance. Phentermine is not recommended for people who are hypersensitive, bipolar or suffering from depression.



4. The main features of Phentermine and Reductil:

By analyzing the characteristics of each product, we understand that Phentermine is used to obtain a quick result, in the short term, but not without consequences on health. Reductil, on the other hand, will take twice as long to work, but with virtually no negative impact on health. By better understanding the subtleties of each product, you can choose the supplement best suited to your situation.

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