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How to Maintain Your Gains from a RAD 140 Cycle with PCT

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If you are like many people thinking about running a Testolone (RAD 140) cycle, but you are uncertain if this SARM will be ideal for your cutting, lean muscle mass, and performance-enhancing needs, know now that you are in the right place.

In this post, you will get to know the bodybuilding gains that you could derive from running a RAD 140 cycle. You will also get to know whether or not you need to run a post-cycle therapy protocol after your Testolone cycle.

We then conclude by dropping the best Testolone PCT protocol and answer a few frequently asked questions (FAQs) by bodybuilding beginners on PCT for RAD 140.

But first, we start off with a few titbits on why you should seriously consider using Testolone.


I. Why Do You Need Testolone (RAD 140)?

RAD 140 is one powerful selective androgen receptor modulator that has grown in popularity over the years for its effectiveness as a cutting agent, as it promotes lean muscle mass gains while stimulating fat loss.

As a matter of fact, RAD 140 is perfect for bodybuilders looking to have a lean, mean physique or a “recomp”. Even if you are already lean, you will find RAD 140 useful, as it will help to give you a well-toned, dry, hard, and vascular muscle body composition. In fact, many users claim that by the sixth week of their respective cycles they notice significant vascularity.

But this is not all that RAD 140 can give you. If you are looking to improve your strength and stamina levels, then you will certainly not go wrong in choosing to use Testolone.

RAD 140 will help reduce the accumulation and impact of lactic acid in your skeletal muscle tissues. Lactic acid is the primary reason why bodybuilders and athletes suffer from muscle fatigue early-on in their weight training program.

In summary, Testolone promotes strength, stamina, and lean muscle mass gains while boosting fat loss. However, it is important to note that RAD 140 will only be effective as long as you live a healthy lifestyle, run a clean diet, and spend significant time in your local gym applying yourself in a resistance training program.



II. Is PCT Necessary after a RAD 140 Cycle?

It must be said that unlike androgenic-anabolic steroids (AAS) like Dianabol and Testosterone, RAD 140 will not cause the complete shutdown of your endogenous testosterone levels.

The truth is, many users of RAD 140 testify to not experiencing any Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular (HPTA) suppression while others claim to only experience minimal suppression, especially when on a daily RAD 140 dosage plan of between 15 to 20 mg.

But the general consensus amongst bodybuilders and RAD 140 users is that individuals may react differently to using Testolone based on several factors including their genetics, age, sex, and the RAD 140 dosage plan in place.

The hard shutdown of the HPTA system is more likely to occur in individuals that either run an extensive Testolone cycle or stack RAD 140 with other potent SARMs.

A blood work will indicate the full extent of the suppression, but certainly such individuals would be prime candidates for PCT protocol.

Typically, Testolone users will be able to restore the full function of their HPTA system with selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs) like Clomiphene (Clomid) and Tamoxifen (Nolvadex).

Using an aromatase inhibitor (AI) like Arimidex or Aromasin during your RAD 140 cycle can also help to minimize suppression, especially when you stack Testolone with other SARMs.


III. The Best Testolone PCT Protocol

Coming off your RAD 140 cycle shouldn’t be difficult if you maintain a safe daily dosage plan. It is not uncommon for users to run a 8 week warm-up RAD 140 cycle with a daily dosage of 5 mg for the first week.

This dosage is then increased to 10 mg after 3 to 5 days provided the initial 5 mg Testolone dosage was well tolerated with no visible side effects. The 10 mg daily dosage can also be increased to 15 mg if you are not exhibiting any symptoms of suppression.

A daily dosage of 15 mg is often preferred by most RAD 140 users, but advanced level bodybuilders may up their daily Testolone dosage to 20 mg.

However, a higher daily dosage plan would increase your risk of HPTA suppression and the side effects that arise from such suppression.

Your post-cycle therapy protocol will commence at the end of your RAD 140 cycle and last for a full month or four weeks. Also, after you conclude your PCT protocol, it is advisable to take some time off before you decide to run a second Testolone cycle.

It is unwise to begin another RAD 140 cycle immediately after a PCT protocol because you could be exposed to more severe side effects and you are very unlikely to experience similar bodybuilding gains as the first time you were on a Testolone cycle.

Before we get into the best PCT protocol for RAD 140, you should know that PCT may bot be required if your daily Testolone dosage is less than 6 mg over an eight week cycle.

Also, you should get a blood work done to be absolutely sure that you are experiencing endogenous hormone suppression from your use of RAD 140. When getting a blood test, you would want to know what your SHBG, FSH, LH, and Testosterone levels are.



The table below shows the best PCT Protocol for a Testolone daily dosage of 10 mg or less over an eight week RAD 140 cycle.

WEEK 1 – 8 Less than 10 mg of RAD 140 daily dosage N/A
WEEK 8 – 12 N/A 25 mg of Clomiphene (Clomid) daily

The table below shows the PCT protocol for anyone that uses more than 10 mg of RAD 140 daily over an eight week cycle.

WEEK 1 – 8 More than 10 mg of RAD 140 daily dosage N/A
WEEK 8 – 10 N/A 50 mg of Clomiphene (Clomid) daily
WEEK 10 – 12 N/A 25 mg of Clomiphene (Clomid) daily

As indicated in the tables above, the best PCT protocol for you will be based on your RAD 140 cycle and dosage plan, as well as the results of your blood test with emphasis on your SHBG, FSH, LH, and Testosterone hormones.


IV. FAQs About RAD 140 PCT Protocol

What RAD 140 dosage plan should prompt a PCT protocol?

A daily dosage plan less than 6 mg will not normal require a RAD 140 PCT protocol. However, a daily dosage plan of 10 mg and over will most likely require the implementation of a RAD 140 PCT protocol.

How long should I run a RAD 140 PCT protocol?

Typically, your Testolone PCT protocol should run for 4 weeks or one month.

Can I start a new RAD 140 cycle immediately after my Testolone PCT protocol?

No. You should ideally wait for 12 weeks after your RAD 140 PCT protocol before starting a second Testolone cycle. This is necessary to allow for the full restoration of your HPTA system.

Can I lose my bodybuilding gains without a RAD 140 PCT protocol?

Yes. If you run a Testolone cycle with a daily dosage of over 10 mg over an 8 week cycle and you do not follow this up with a PCT protocol, you could lose your gains due to a dysfunctional HPTA system.





You should take about 12 weeks off from the last day of your RAD 140 PCT protocol before you decide to run a second Testolone cycle.

The 12 weeks will give your HPTA system sufficient time to regulate itself and be fully functional before the start of another Testolone cycle.

It is possible to maintain as much as 90% of your bodybuilding gains provided you implement the right Testolone PCT protocol. Also, it is important to use only genuine RAD 140 products, as using fake or adulterated Restolone could be detrimental to your overall health.

Finally, it is advisable to always consult with an experienced bodybuilder or physician before you decide to start a RAD 140 cycle and don’t forget that a blood test is the best way to know the extent of your HPTA suppression.

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