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Gain Muscle Easily With Our 7 Pro Tips

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How to gain muscle.

There are not 36,000 ways to gain muscle . Either we practice intensive sport for hours several days a week, or we give nature a boost by doing some hormone injections . Even in this second case, you have to remember to lift a little cast to be able to sculpt your body effectively.
Gaining muscle is possible provided you follow some professional advice in order to avoid some mistakes and some injuries. The injection of hormones must be done on very precise cycles with a program having a goal and a very precise aim of the expected result.



Some tips for building muscle mass.

Take some mass muscle does not mean increased muscle size but rather means increased weight . That is to say, fat mass which is body fat and lean mass which is muscle.

It is therefore essential to start a high calorie diet rich in proteins and carbohydrates for building muscle.

  • 1- First, you must start by weighing yourself and multiply your weight by 35 to determine the daily calorie intake if it is planned to gain weight first. Use a training log to measure your progress.
  • 2- At the beginning, it is necessary do 3 full body workouts every 48 hours . Only one exercise should be done per part of the body during each workout. By the end of the first week, all muscles will have been affected. Each set of exercises should be performed until muscle failure. Never forget to do dynamic stretches before and after exercise.
  • 3- You will have to think about take carbohydrates and protein after each workout as a protein shake. 2 scoops of carbohydrate for 1 scoop of protein. Do not forget to drink 4 to 6 liters of water per day.
  • 4- It is more interesting to have a Goal of developing 2 kg to 3 kg of lean muscle mass every month. For this, you will have to strive to explode the concentric part of your movement. On the other hand, it will take 3 s to 4 s for the eccentric part without forgetting to vary the repetitions and series patterns very frequently. It will also be necessary to make compound movements on a projection of at least 80% of the workouts. It is also necessary to work a muscle group in all its amplitude to hope to gain the maximum in muscle mass. You should also know that you should always start by training the least developed muscle group for each workout.
  • 5- Aim to increase your strength by 5% per week . Alternate bars and dumbbells every two weeks. Follow one program for 12 to 16 weeks before trying another. Only change your exercise when you are no longer making progress. Do weekly squats and deadlifts to increase the release of testosterone and hormones growth .
  • 6- To gain muscle mass, you must also know increase testosterone levels . Testosterone is essential for your balance, your libido but also for your weight gain. Here are some tips for that. Never train when you are hungry if you want to build muscle. You must sleep a minimum of eight hours each night to free testosterone during sleep. You have to eat olive oil, various nuts and fish to assimilate healthy fats for the production of testosterone which allows muscle development. Eat foods high in protein like whole eggs.
  • 7- Take a partner who is much stronger than you and who can help you during the heaviest series. Remember to do therapeutic massage sessions to avoid injury. Take cold showers after each weight training session. Finally, rest by taking a full week of rest after 12 to 16 weeks of heavy training.



One goal: to gain muscle mass

Gain muscle mass request for training . However, it is possible today thanks to certain injections of testosterone and a varied and busy schedule in weight training to obtain the best results from rapid muscle mass gain. It is even possible today to hope to take up to 3 to 5 kg of muscle mass per month, or even more . All this is only a question of program and will.



Gaining muscle mass takes persistence, technique and faith in yourself. Whatever the goal to achieve, it is necessary to submit to certain advice studied in advance by those who have practiced the discipline for several years. It is also necessary to draw on the experience of the pros who, over the years, have managed to offer programs and training habits, interesting to know to obtain results and control the evolution of your body. also important to find the right sources to stock up on quality products to support your muscle mass gain.

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