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Endurobol (GW501516)

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Name: Endurobol (GW501516), Cardarine

Molecular name: C21H18F3NO4S2

Administration: oral


1. Presentation of the Endurobol :

Endurobol, also known as:

  • Cardarine
  • or even
  • GW501516

was developed in 1992 by Ligand Pharmaceuticals and GlaxoSmithKline in research on cardiac and metabolic diseases. This first phase was abandoned quite quickly following the discovery of a possibility of cancers linked to this new substance.

It was not until 2007 that a new study was conducted on Endurobol and revealed its formidable capacity to treat obesity and to improve physical performance. With such revelations, many top athletes have been able to take advantage of the many benefits of Endurobol.

However, in 2009, in response to the significant popularity of this substance, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) developed a test for GW501516 and added it to its list of banned products.

But since 2011, the Endurobol has been a great success with bodybuilding enthusiasts bodybuilding and also among cyclists, for its extraordinary power toimprovement of the endurance.



2. Operation of the Endurobol :

Although it works very closely to SARMS, Endurobol is not a selective androgen receptor modulator. not a selective androgen receptor modulator. Endurobol is an activating agonist of the PPARδ receptor.

Endurobol will favour androgenic receptors by its action, stimulating the absorption of glucose and the skeletal muscle tissue. It will thus allow a fast destruction of fat. It is the oxidation of fatty acids.

Moreover, Endurobol has the capacity to increase the level of good cholesterol (HDL)while decreasing the bad cholesterol (LDL)

By activating the PPAR receptor, Endurobol will have a beneficial effect on cardiovascular healthof the metabolism and as an anti-inflammatory agent.


3. Benefits of Endurobol:

Due to its selective principle of action, Endurobol has many benefits.

  • Development of muscular resistance
  • Strengthening endurance
  • Fat combustion
  • Better recovery
  • Provides energy for muscle building


4. Side effects of Endurobol:

No studies or user reviews have revealed any major side effects following a course of Endurobol. Unlike other substances, Endurobol was studied on men and no negative aspects was discovered.

In addition, Endurobol does not no impact on the liver. It does not cause any damage to the liver cells. On the contrary, studies have highlighted its ability to promote healthy liver function and to promote cell regeneration.

At the beginning of the study, the researchers hypothesized that Endurobol could promote the proliferation of colorectal cancer cells through its ability to enhance
in the body. But all the studies carried out on this subject could not confirm this hypothesis.

In 2004, the American Association of Cancer Research even declared that PPAR agonists have no effect on no effect on cell growth.

In view of all these studies, as well as the numerous feedbacks from users, we can therefore affirm that Endurobol does not cause no major side effects.



5. The different uses of Endurobol :

To treat Obesity:

By increasing the metabolism, Endurobol is a particularly effective supplement particularly effective supplement in the treatment of obesity. It was developed for this purpose. Endurobol will use the fats present in the body to convert them into energy useful in the manufacture of muscles.

To protect brain cells :

Endurobol has a protective action on brain cells when they are under oxidative stress. Indeed, by promoting the activation of the PPAR receptor, Endurobol encourages the production of nerve cells. In addition, it prevents the dysfunction of blood vessels in the brain.

To protect the heart:

Endurobol will promote good cholesterol (HDL), and decrease bad cholesterol. This regulation will therefore potentially reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

In addition, Endurobol will protect the heart from oxidative damage. Indeed, the Endurobol will reduce the risk of developing atherosclerosis. It will thus limit the formation of plaques in the arteries, by increasing the
nitric oxide.

In addition, it will reduce the lesions and inflammations due to this disease, by stimulating the production of cells and vessels.

To develop stamina and boost endurance:

Ideal for athletes : the Endurobol combined with AICAR allows you to make an effort for much longer, without increasing your heart rate. It develops intensity without nervousness or breathlessness. It therefore allows for a more sustained and longer effort, without feeling the least bit tired. The Endurobol facilitates recovery. It is used by high level athletes, as much by the cyclists than the bodybuilders.

To lose weight :

Endurobol stops the storage of fat by converting it directly into energy, available for muscle development. Thus with a cure of Endurobol, the body is refined and toned.

To protect the kidneys:

By lowering the expression of

  • MCP-1
  • expression, Endurobol reduces the risk of kidney disease.

To improve healing and skin problems:

By increasing the synthesis of

  • BH4
  • synthesis, Endurobol will facilitate the production of nitric oxide. Nitric acid will in turn stimulate blood circulation and improve healing.
  • Activation of PPARàYY will also reduce the inflammation caused by psoriasis.


6. Start an Endurobol cycle:

Endurobol comes in capsule form, to be taken orally. No injectable form is available.

  • Recommended dosage :

It is suggested to take 10 to 20 mg, per day.

  • Cycle time:

The cycle lasts between 12 and 14 weeks, to obtain conclusive results.

  • PCT after a cycle of Endurobol: is it useful?

No PCT is required after a cycle of Endurobol.

  • The best stack with Endurobol:

Endurobol can be combined with all supplements to optimize their effects.

But one stack in particular stands out: Endurobol+ LGD 4033+ MK 2866.

This stack allows you to gain lean mass, lose weight and gain endurance.



7. Is Endurobol suitable for women?

With no side effects for the body, Endurobol is also suitable for women who want to slim down or develop their endurance and stamina.

Endurobol has many benefits, both in terms of healthas well as in terms of performance improvements.

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