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Anadrol steroids are very popular for many reasons, but primarily for the way they increase mass in record time, a little like Dianabol (dBol). Users who complement their cycles with Anadrol steroids (especially in the off-season) often see gains up to 30 pounds in a few weeks; in some cases, more. This is not really surprising because Anadrol steroids were developed by the lab Syntex Pharmaceuticals with a single goal: increasing weight and muscle volume. Not only will this DHT-based hormone directly promote weight gain, it also stimulates appetite, encouraging even greater mass gains. However an interesting contradictory fact: too much Anadrol can cut your appetite, pure and simple. It’s all a matter of dosage, and there is a fine line between good and bad usage…



Understanding Anadrol

Anadrol steroids are derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT) anabolic hormones, which are C17-aa oral anabolic steroids. Therefore Anadrol is rather toxic for the liver due to its C17aa base, but that’s the only way for the hormone to survive in the body. It’s a fast-acting hormone; Anadrol’s active life is only 8.5 hours, which is very short. But Anadrol starts acting instantly once absorbed by the body. Steroids like Anadrol should be taken daily because of their short active life and because they are hepatic (dangerous to the liver). Therefore we can’t consume them over long periods if we want to stay in good health. Generally 6 weeks is the maximum length of usage, and many athletes and bodybuilders prefer a 4-week treatment. In any case, if the user takes this product responsibly, the liver will suffer no permanent damage and the results will be exceptional.

Anadrol steroids are so powerful that you obviously must expect some side effects, and sometimes more serious effects if you are not careful. Anadrol steroids don’t aromatize, but they cause estrogen levels to increase in the body. Therefore the possible side effects are gynecomastia, excessive water retention and a rise in blood pressure. For this reason, aromatase inhibitors should be used each time you take steroids like Anadrol.


What are Anadrol’s effects?

As mentioned above, you can expect massive muscle and volume gains in record time by using steroids like Anadrol. If this is not enough reason for you, there’s more: Anadrol not only builds muscle, it increases strength beyond what you’d hoped for. Remember that size and strength do not necessarily go together, which makes Anadrol a doubly powerful and interesting steroid. As you may have heard, gains obtained using Anadrol are very difficult to keep. Difficult, but not impossible! If you want to successfully keep the gains from your Anadrol cycle, your overall steroid treatment should continue well after using Anadrol. You should also keep a consistent caloric intake, at least as high as when Anadrol was present in your body. Follow this strategy and you will conserve most of your gains. If you don’t, you’ll only be wasting a good steroid.


utilisation du stéroide anadrol


Other uses of Anadrol

Obviously Anadrol is perfect for mass and strength gains, but it can also be one of the best steroids in the world for your bodybuilding contests. Many bodybuilders complete their cycle with Anadrol a few weeks before the show.

A bodybuilder who knows how to use Anadrol will get better results than with any other product on the market. Careful, this method does not work if you are already very cut (lean fat, muscle!). Also, if you’ve never tried Anadrol, don’t use it before a competition. You should first learn how your body reacts to this steroid. The last thing you want is to find that your body responds poorly to Anadrol and see your weeks of diet and weight training ruined. But if you know how to control this steroid, then Anadrol will dramatically change the results of your competition. Guaranteed!

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